If you are in for a dash of amateur porn that consists of a raven-haired bad ass girl and her equally bad ass friends, then you’ll be glad that Andi Love exists. Andi Love is a porn site that features an amateur porn star named Andi Love. She is a five foot six-inch girl, with brown eyes, and a knack for everything sexual. This brown eyed vixen’s profile says she is into “real people”, hates “pretty boys”, and firmly believes that every girl needs makeup.

Andi is frank and is not afraid to speak out about mostly everything. If you don’t mind “living on the edge” and having a lot more fun than your usual and average porn site, like she sums it up, then I believe this site is for you. Andi Love’s primary niche is kind of dull since it focuses more on being an individual porn star and for most porn enthusiasts, individuality is quite boring. Fret not though, Andi Love is anything but mind numbing and lackluster. It showcases quite a number of videos that just screams eroticism and sensuality. Andi asserts that if you are into “real” girls and not those “little fake bitches”, then she is the girl for you.

As I said, she is quite bold and I love that about her. She also stated that she loves to get down naked and play and that teasing her members is her number one agenda. Add up the notion that her body is her temple and that everyone, being a member, should glorify and worship it. No problem about that, seeing as Andi Love has one of the most amazing bodies I’ve ever come across.

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Andi Love is the kind of porn site you’d find yourself wandering off to when you’re into masturbating women and a little bit (or a whole lot) of teasing here and there. That is exactly what Andi Love provides you too. Besides the easy navigation that you’ll come across with, the entirety of the website is a tool to make your journey a little bit easier on the side, all the while enjoying this curvy individual who only loves to strip and tease, and ride a little bit of dildos along the way.

Site wise, if you are a non member and you find your way to Andi’s page, you’ll find a plethora of cut out pictures of her, both clothed and naked, in the home page area. It comes along a short biography of the tease queen and you’ll be able to find a whole lot more right at the bottom of the page, including a “join now” button. If you opt for a trial version, I want you to know that the access is limited and you won’t be able to fully access the entire site itself. As there are more than thirty bonus sites that come along a subsequent membership, you won’t be able to gain access to these extra sites if you don’t become a consequent and active member. The site itself has done an update per week during the past but it has gradually dropped down to a slower note – nevertheless, it updates and that is good enough for me.

As of today, there are 44 videos available for watching and 25 photo sets. These photo sets contain at least sixty pictures each and can be viewed online or be downloaded by zip files. The quality of these photos is really good and the videos itself as well. Videos are available for streaming and downloading, and downloads are unlimited. As the site itself is centered on a solo performance, you’d expect a live cam show but unfortunately, there are none. They are mostly pre-taped, some even rotated. As a member though, you will be able to rate most of the scenes and add them to your favorites and if you’ve already become a member, you will be able to expand your access and be able to explore a little deeper inside.

Flicks & Chicks

As I mentioned beforehand, the Andi Love porn site revolves all around the girl who calls herself Andi Love. The videos present in the site are all about her. Sometimes, you’ll see her lying down her bed stark naked and caressing herself all to the enjoyment of the viewers.

Sometimes, you’ll see her masturbating and sweet talking, with a little or more teasing here and there. She has a sybian, which she rides on sometimes, enjoying the time of her life as it goes in and out of her pussy. Often times though, the videos would merely focus on her getting changed and leaving the house but you get to see her naked so that’s a plus point.

Andi Love herself gives the members of her site some really hot content via her erotic videos; she also addresses us through her scenes and captures in a form of light teasing and the likes.

In Few Words

The Andi Love porn site is individuality at its finest. For the pros, I can name a few, like the quality of the videos and the downloadable content. There is also the matter of unlimited downloads, so you don’t have to be scarce on yourself. Andi herself is a very beautiful girl and her curves and personality add up to the fiery videos she already has.

That aside, while Andi herself promotes beauty and sex, the site needs more videos and more updates to produce. Although she addresses her viewers in her videos, there aren’t any live cams to look forward to. I don’t mind the amateur scenes as they are really good and they beat some of those professionals out there, but most of the content are out dated and they are diminutive in number. Of course, to every downside, there is always an upside. Andi Love isn’t a very big site but as you become a member, you will have access to thirty more other websites that produce the same kind of videos as well.

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