When you first come onto that site you are faced with a gorgeous woman with truly an angel’s face performing a blow job on what can only be called a humongous cock. There are other entrances to this site of course, and perhaps you will be met with that same angel saying that you need to come to the back room with her. Not a bad invitation, right? Accompanying this lady to the back room means that you will be able to see a truly delightful lesbian encounter that is hot enough to melt the pixels on your computer, or whatever you are using to see them!
Blue Angel Live is filled with truly professional models who are posing for you in the sexiest poses you can imagine. Now, Blue Angel is the actual mega-pornstar of this site, thus this is actually her official porn site. As such each video and picture is going to show you Blue Angel, and truthfully you will not be sorry that this is so, she is that good looking and a real pleasure to view. Alright, we can see you are chomping at the bit, thus we are going to describe some of these adventures to you in the next section of this review.


We feel that the 21Sextreme Network is more than fair about the way they handle their rates for joining such a site. In this case they offer you a number of different methods to join. First, you are being presented with a 30 day billing cycle. For this you will be charged $14.95 per month. Then, if you would rather you could opt for a 90 day cycle. That will allow you to have a charge of $19.98 per month. But, in order to get the absolutely lowest cost to you, you should consider getting the one-time yearly cost of $119.40 which works out to be $9.95 per month, thus that is the rock bottom best value possible.
Remember our mentioning that the 21Sextreme Network had 41 exclusive sites? Well, as a reward for joining Blue Angel Live, you will now be allowed entrance into those sites as well. There will be no limit as to how often you may do that, and there is no limit on what you may do there while you visit the sites. That means that you can download videos for yourself, as well as download pictures if you so desire. Enjoy!

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Flicks & Chicks

Based on the initial page showing you what’s inside this sexy site, you will note that it is very common for more than two people to be involved. More often than not you will find two ladies and two studs. This setup allows you to move your attention to not one but two sexy women in the act of being fucked or giving blow jobs. We have always thought the more the merrier! You will also note that these gorgeous women definitely have a European look about them. This is great as European women always seem sexier than others. It may be because their upbringing is usually not as strict, or perhaps it is because their mothers were sexier.
We will say that no matter what kind of sex scene we were faced with, they were very intense. So, whether or not it was two women together, four women and two guys or just one woman and one man, you will definitely be totally entranced as we were. For example when it turns out to be girl on girl, well let me say right here and now that the pussy licking is marvelous! The photography is fabulous, and one can see each and every bit of that wet pussy, almost as if one were down there licking the pussy ourselves.
The more you watch, the more likely you are to say that Blue Angel is absolutely flawless. Not only is she petite but every part of her is doll-like, very petite and perfectly formed. If you are a foot fetish lover, you will definitely love her delicate teeny feet. Of course her legs have a smoothness that you will admire as well. Her hips are also perfectly rounded inviting both men and women to caress them. Further exploration of her miniscule body yields what appears to be B cup breasts that are also as perfect as can be! Let’s not get started on the perfection of her nipples. It is not an exaggeration to say that she is very well toned and her shape is picture-perfect! As if that were not enough she has the facial features of what I surmise to be downright angelic, and so perhaps that’s why she is called Blue Angel. At any rate it is highly fitting.

In Few Words

Let us say that you are in for some bodacious surprises that you will undoubtedly love! However, we can tell you that all those surprises are going to involve some sexual adventures that Blue Angel is going to take part in! Now a lot of what you will see, as far as we can describe it is going to be tremendously slanted toward fetish fulfillment. Without messing up the description of the site, we really cannot go further in our description.

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