Blue Fantasies is for sure a one of a kind website. A simple definition won’t contain all its aspects; it’s more a complex mix of astoundingly hot girls’ variable performances. The content surely looks softcore at first glance, sometimes leading to hardcore the same sceneries, with all sort of toys involved; amateur, but with certain professionalism. However the website has one undeniable quality: Blue Fantasies is all about the originality of the content. Since day one, it advertised about its 100% exclusive videos. This bet appears to have paid and the website established an excellent reputation among the competition. Even that now and then, it announces that the service is no longer accepting new customers – for a short time, fortunately for us- and subscriptions are momentarily unavailable. So, how did such a softcore website achieve such success, stood up among the fierce competition and became widely notorious?


Since its launch in January 2004, the websites’ offer consists in a tremendous selection of amateur videos and photos content. It’s gathering over than 46.000 porn videos performed by 3.700 models, and guarantees an access over three million photos that are only accessible to members. It is also offering many treats to free users, such as one free scene every week.
The Blue Fantasies search segment make it easier to locate whatever content you are looking for. Movies are sorted by so many criteria like clothing, toys or niche, or simply the newest ones. Viewers can find and watch a specific model by typing on the search bar her name or her physical specificities like ethnicity, hair color or cup size. Also, there are rankings lists to go straight to the best 50 actresses of each category. Every girl has her personal portfolio with her different performances and a set of photos that you can watch or download. All of them combined, they make one of the largest softcore content databases available on the web.
Technically speaking, movies’ shooting is made in the state of art: studio settings, talented cameramen and photographers with the finest equipment, ideal sound, music and lighting. Delightful curves, cozy stage set, welcoming surroundings are everywhere. The hard work on the scenography, scripts and staging parts is tangible and leads to a outcome of a great quality. And of course, a world class lingerie, a game changer in the softcore business. Just imagine what it will be as if the website provided a hardcore content with the same quality standards that apply to the actual production. No wonder that Blue Fantasies is on the most visited top of the list.

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Flicks & Chicks

As they say, you will never forget your first time. I will always remember mine at Blue fantasies as I looked to be impressed. When pushing the play button, I immediately got an excellent first impression: Hello guys, I’m Ariana Marie, and I’m your treat for November. Well HELLO Ariana, with your tights outfit and you perfect C cup breasts. I could not detach my eyes of that appealing butt and those radiant legs. She is repeatedly rubbing and bouncing her tits, slapping her buttocks with a technique that make any of us shivers. The seductive potential of this porn kind is strong, especially here. The overwhelming desire to penetrate the screen and get in there, fantasying about how deep the dick will slide in this beautiful creatures, how warm and welcoming is that vagina. The imagination is rebelliously enhanced. The girls here are slowly getting naked with ways that would harden a cock faster than a lightening stroke. It is indeed a catchy spectacle of porn stars fingering themselves, playing with toys as dildos and wearing all sort of fine lingerie that you can find: bras, boots, bikinis, skirts and dresses only to get rid of them a moment after, for the great pleasure of the viewers. Also, the actresses carry a cute speech while getting the job done. When it’s about lace bras are being gently removed and actresses are dressed to impress, Blue Fantasies is a must. Users will surely make the distinction between this particular website and the other same-field operators when it comes to the undressing part. The website name is a perfect match of the offer description, well suited to make one forget what he was doing moments before launching that video or admiring those pictures.

In Few Words

To access the full content of Blue Fantasies, you need to get a membership at Twistys, the service host. Memberships’ cost is $29.99 for each month. When taking this step, sexy and hot bodies are waiting for the user to contemplate, but also regular daily updates are to be awaited, with a discreet and secured billing, no hidden charges whatsoever. At any time, and without cause, the subscriber can terminate its subscription to the service. He can do it upon notification by electronic or conventional mail, or by telephone or fax.
The website offers 24/7 online support and it is there to help you use your membership with an efficient way. Twistys, the service provider, are known for offering safe, secure and confidential online support services to their customers. Their resources assist customers by providing detailed information related to the membership status and solutions to any technical issues they may have encountered. This website doesn’t exist anymore, take a look at the BabesNetwork.

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