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Flicks & Chicks

Cock Competition’s Home Page has 48 thumbnails, however, you must be signed in to follow the link to the movie. Performances on show include, hand jobs and blowjobs with all the inevitable sticky mess of facials and creampies. Unusually for a site catering to Western tastes, there’s even a bukkake movie with a group of men cumming over a bespectacled chick.
Group sex is represented with cute chicks and their men enjoying an orgy while anal sex lovers will be in ecstasy over the pretty puckered rosebuds being opened in a number of differently athletic positions. The site’s title may suggest cocks would be first and foremost but they aren’t, pussies are. Wetly and hungrily open or demurely closed awaiting the kiss to wake them, in lonely ones or joyful multiples, pussies are everywhere on Cock Competition’s landing page, thankfully. And we don’t have to struggle to see them; all are shaved and available for intimate inspection at all times.
The beauty of boobs isn’t missed either. From mouth-sized titties to bodacious ta-tas you can hardly hold, Cock Competition has what you’re looking for. Up skirts also make a welcome appearance. Whoever observed that skirts were sexy because a view of heaven is always possible from somewhere down below, understood the naughty, guilty pleasure of looking up a girl’s dress. All the girls are naturally cute and delicious, of course, but they add to their desirability with such girlish accessories as pigtails, spectacles, knee socks and other wispy items of clothes that enhance rather then hide their nakedness.

In Few Words

Cock Competition and the other PornPros sites are for adult entertainment and no one else. Access to their sites is only by signing up and creating a password that must be used every time you visit. A web surfer can’t see beyond the Home page. The company uses discreet, respectable names so no one but you will know what it is. Cock Competition has the content and the format you want at a great price. Why not give it a try today?

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