Don’t you just love cleavage? The deep valley that is made when someone has massive beautiful boobs? Don’t you want to just push your face in between them and squeeze them at the same time and feel all their warmth seep inside of you? And they obviously smell heavenly and are so, so damn tasty.

It is like a treasure trove, which hasn’t been explored yet, and it is a treasure that will never ever fail to fascinate you no matter how many times you look at it. The cleavage has own secrets, it is like that book of riddles, which helps you out with the hints but is never easy. Winter is a man’s best friend because this is the season when the nipples are out, for your eyes to feast on and your mind to dwell on. Don’t massive boobs, just waiting to spill from the sweater, with the nipples dancing in from them, make you shudder in anticipation? And summer time is heaven for most of us because that is the season when all the bikinis come out to play and so do the boobs. They are everywhere, just being covered by a flimsy cloth and sting just waiting to be torn apart and devoured. And they bounce, and move and all you want to do is get you hands on them and your face in there.

If boobs make you feel all of this and more, trust me you have found the site that is absolutely perfect for you. DDFBusty brings to you boobs that are massive, perky and those in which you can totally sink your face into. And as their name suggests very cheekily, they have tits whose cups sizes are a D, DD, F and above. This website is owned by the famous photographer Denys De Francesco. And being the brilliant artist that he is, he makes sure that every video that is exclusively made for this site is a masterpiece and a work of absolute perfection. Let’s take a tour of the site, shall we?

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The layout of the website is very contemporary and very classy to look at. And if you think that simplicity is better than something garish looking then you couldn’t have found a better place to be. It is very apparent that they have put in a lot of time and effort into making this website as good as this. It makes you feel at ease while using the website. What makes the website so special is the harmony in which they have used the colors.

They have stuck to very simple and solid colors that are used a lot, but they have somehow managed to still make it look fresh and novel. The colors that are used on the website are black, dark gray and red. The background is predominantly black and gray with bits of reds used for the headings that adds that extra bit of color to the website making it look stunning. Though the colors that are used are striking they do not draw your attention from the content, rather does exactly the opposite. It enhances your entire experience of viewing the website.

Also, they have made it easy to navigate around the page, as the interface is super friendly to use. There are links on the very top of the website that help you move around the different areas of the page with absolute ease. They also do have a search bar where you can enter keywords so that you can find the exact model or a specific action that you are looking for. And as soon as you enter the website you will see a slide show of all their top and hottest models in action which leaves you breathless. They have even divided the page into different categories such as newcomers, latest big tit scenes and top rated porn stars. They even have a separate section at the very end for all the hottest and most trending porn stars and an invitation.

Flicks & Chicks

Let us get to the juicy parts of this review! DDFBusty aims to provide to you everything that your heart fancies. They have literally everything from vanilla sex to BDSM. And even in BDSM, they have Fem doms as well as submissive women in their movies. And if you fancy certain kind of women, then you will certainly not be disappointed as they have all kinds of models, such as Asians, Latinas, Europeans, literally everything, all with huge massive tits. They have threesomes, sometimes it’s an all girl party, orgies, whatever you can think of they have it. If you are looking for someone more mature, there are a lot of MILF videos available too!

You will find that this website has over 1600 videos and over 1700 picture sets. They have been around for over a decade so you can be sure that there will never be any dearth of videos. There is also the option of downloading these videos too. You can choose from DivX-encoded AVI, QuickTime, MPEG, MP4 and Windows Media. You can choose to stream these videos on flash player or you could download them in in MP4 format.

In Few Words

This website lives up to its name. They have exclusive content that they offer and even keep updating their website very regularly. They provide you with a lot of different content. Also, their inventory has so many videos and photos that you wouldn’t know where to begin. All your fantasies will surely be met! So, what are you waiting for, so sink yourself into those beautiful tits and hit subscribe!

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