They say revenge is a dish best served cold. Well, I could never agree more! These cheaters had it coming, in one way or another. If karma didn’t work for you, then you’re left with no choice but to handle matters on your own hands. So, how do you think could you avenge yourself from your cheating partner? Well, here’s an idea, leak their most intimate photos and videos online. Where, you ask? I welcome you to Ex Hacked. It is the website where vengeful ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends upload hacked photos and videos of their cheating ex-partners. Exhacked features videos of cheating ex-girlfriends doing the dirtiest of tricks in the sex book with other people. The site has been collecting videos since it first launched last 2012. These videos were secretly accessed by their ex-boyfriends via social media or by tinkering with their ex’s phone. Some were secretly shot while they were still together and after a bad break-up caused by a third party, low and behold, there it goes on the internet for everyone to see! Watch nude photos and sex tapes shot by these amateur exes for the sake of revenge!


Ex Hacked’s webs layout has the simplest design that I’ve ever seen. It does not have any extra skins or any clutter that would be deemed annoying while you’re exploring the website. Once you enter the porn site, it will welcome you with uncountable pictures and screen caps of some frames from the videos. You will not see any unnecessary button that will distract you from your browsing. With over 250,000 photos and 10,000 videos, why are you still asking whether you’ll subscribe or not? Their SignUp page will not bother you with a lot of what-not’s. It has the simplest process in registering. Once you go to their SignUp page, all you need to input is you Username, Password, and e-mail Address. The next thing you need to do is Press that blue bar saying Continue. If you are concerned about sharing some of your sensitive information like your email address and credit card information, the website ensures safe and secure transactions. This means that your sensitive information will be taken with great care and will not be used and hacked by other conniving people on the internet. Additionally, if you are also worried about other people knowing about your membership to a porn site by reading your credit card bills, worry no more because Ex Hacked has a discreet billing feature. Lastly, if you feel like changing your mind with your membership, the website has an easy cancellation feature that will allow you to automatically end your membership or subscription in just a few easy clicks. Once you have successfully registered yourself as one of their members, you now have unlimited access to the thousands of available contents the porn site has. Unlimited? Yes, it is unlimited! They have an unlimited download that’s why it’s totally up to you to choose and look for the best videos among the vast pool of available sex tapes and photos. However, if you’d rather choose to stream the videos and save some memory space on your device, feel free to use any of your devices. You can access the website with any of your devices – whether you want to use your mobile phone, iPad or tab, it’s totally okay. The website is completely responsive so there’s no problem navigating through the site. You don’t have to worry about the unnecessary and inconvenient focusing in and out on the page.

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Flicks & Chicks

Ex Hacked is not much of a giver when it comes to providing their visitors trailers and sample videos of their collection. However, fret no more because the screen captures shown on the home page will immediately entice you into subscribing for a membership or getting an account. All of the videos are exclusively amateur. If you are sick and tired of scripted porn or sex videos, then you will not find this porn site boring. They have over 10,000 videos of amateur sex. They also have multiple porn genres. From the genres, you can choose whether you prefer facials, creampies, orgies, gangbangs, or even one-on-one sex videos of cheating. Since they do not focus on just one porn genre, you’ll have more choices of porn actions. Some of the photos and videos were taken secretly. Yes! They have videos of ex-husbands catching their ex-wives having sex with other guys inside of their own bedroom! Surely, that cheating pussy will get you extra attention on the World Wide Web! We need more of these videos! It’s all genuine, raw and real. Totally no any sort of intervention, just pure people who just want to reach climax with whomever they like, forgetting that their boyfriends might catch them. The quality is evident that these photos and videos are taken by amateurs. It doesn’t have any photoshop edits. They did not even use the simplest of effects like Photoshop airbrush to smoothen out the skin. There’s no point to keep on dreaming of fucking a sexy body with the perfect set of tits because Ex Hacked will show you every body type ever present. Since most of the videos are taken by couples (who later on had a sour break up), the videos are a little intimate and personal. That’s why you’ll only see a few sex videos that use condoms. These people have trusted their partner with their sexual safety that’s why they do not use protection. What a great way to visualize your own penis being fucked by these hungry and cheating girls.

In Few Words

Ex Hacked shouts of a vast collection of authentic amateur sex videos and photos. These videos will totally get you hard and will have let you crave for more. With a very affordable deal, you can now feast your eyes to thousands of available promiscuous videos of ladies getting their freak on. I assure you that you’ll never get bored of this website! With their daily update, I know you’ll be entertained!

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