Every time you turn on the Internet and you see the same of porn everywhere you take time out and consider what you are watching. It is the same monotonous mindless act repeatedly, with different models and in different spaces. You can’t even tell if the male models that are used are different, because most of the focus is on their massive dick or the focus is on this torso. His face is seen in glimpses, and all you have are a few seconds of foreplay with absolutely no story line and the model getting pounded in for the rest of the video. They make fake sounds and the whole act feels scripted too. It could even be fun, as all this porn is directed toward men, but women don’t find all this objectifying turning on at all. We have great news for you, there is a website there that is more than just you’re your old, regular porn. The website is called JoyBear.

The website is owned by a man who used to formerly make erotic videos for playboy. So, he certainly knows what he is doing. And the way he has created it is that he makes high-end porn videos with high production value. The focus of this website is not only to pleasure men, but to also pleasure women and get everyone turned on by what they have to offer you. They follow the policy that everyone’s orgasms are equally important. What we love about this website is that they even have proper storylines to their website and they don’t concentrate on just the fucking. Women love this website, which is why this website has received a ‘Good for Her’ feminist porn award in 2013. The content on this website is so brilliant that they have been featured in Cosmopolitan, The Times, CNN etc. It has got to have something about if so many media companies are raving about it.

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We can tell you with absolute certainty that, as soon as you see the website, you are sure to be stunned. The layout and the design of this website scream classy and luxury. What they have done with the website is something every different from all the website that you see out there. It has a very exclusive and decadent vibe to it. They have managed to pull off what no other website has managed to do until now, as most websites are just loud and garish looking. You can easily see that a lot of thought and effort has gone into making this website look so exclusive.

The colors that they have used are black and bit of gold to give the contrast. They aren’t unusual colors, but with the entire design that have managed to create something beautiful. And the video, as soon as you enter the website, is sure to make you wet and really turned on. The website also has a user-friendly interface and it is very easy to toggle between the different pages on the website.

Flicks & Chicks

It is the part of the review that you have been waiting for. Let us talk about all the hot men and stunning women that JoyBear has managed to rope in. All the women on this website and full-bodied, with perky tits and asses that could probably kill you. The best bit is that with this amazing body that they have they are even have the most beautiful faces that you will see. They even leave the freckles on the women and don’t hide all the flaws. That is how natural they make the porn videos. It truly is refreshing to watch porn, which looks real.

The men on JoyBear are intense, brooding, and extremely hot. Their masculinity drips from every pore in their body. They have huge biceps and perfect abs that you would just want to lick on. They also have the long thick cocks that you would want inside you making love to you all night.

Men, women, are both going to be turned on looking at the cast irrespective of their orientation. The way they have shown, women fondling a man’s penis while he is still wearing clothes, teasing him, kissing him over his clothes on his manhood, and then slowing undoing his pants after which she continues to fondle him while her mouth is busy pleasuring some other part of his body making him squirm with pleasure is a sight to behold. And there is something sensual about the way a man lightly feels up his woman over her panties, stressing over her swollen clit, while kissing her boobs which are covered in a sheer bra until her nipples get taut and beg for more. It is turning you on, isn’t it?

All the videos are in HD quality and there are over 149 videos for you to watch and download in a mp3 format.

In Few Words

This is an amazing website which has unparalleled content. They offer you something very exclusive and different. All their videos are in full HD, with amazing sound quality making the experience as real as it can possibly get. You aren’t going to see such hot men and women into the same space. With all of this they even have attractive prices for you. We are sure that, once you start watching the videos on JoyBear, you will keep coming back for more. Is there anything that is stopping you? Take advantage of all the kinkiness and all the hot steamy sex that they have to offer and subscribe to them, because they do have content like no other website.

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