My Alternative GF is one of TheGFNetwork’s sites. This one focuses on skater girls, emo girls, punk sluts, and tattoo chicks, all the girls of the ‘alternative’ scene. For those of us who find cute skateboarders, emos, punks and tattooed chicks girls really hit the spot, joining MyAlternativeGF is a no-­‐brainer. It’s where you’ll find the greatest collection of them, al going through their sexy alternative lifestyle riding dildoes, flogging and slapping their behinds, and generally showing us all they’ve got. If the web and phone cameras have taught us anything, it’s that girls just want to be seen, want to show us their charms, want to be desired and available to us and as many other men who they see.
And My Alternative Girlfriend’s girls aren’t only keen on tattoos, piercing, hair dye, and strange clothes, their off-­‐kilter imaginations stretch to all sorts of other things. Because these videos are mostly amateur ones submitted by the girls themselves, or lifted from social media sites, they are mainly one cutie doing exciting things to her own hot body. Perhaps, it’s hard to find enough ‘alternative’ boys to play with or perhaps they and their boyfriends prefer their sex to be over the net, after all that’s where most of life happens today, isn’t it?


These girls are those different ones you see hanging round malls and street corners. The ones with weird colored hair, nose rings, studded lips, tattooed arms and hands, and clothes you don’t believe any sane person would make let alone wear. But, for all that, they have something, these girls. They have that ‘come-­and-­get-­it look’ in their bold stare and a promise of fulfillment in their eye if you do come and get it. Where you can go to satisfy that urge for the dark side and join them is here, on MyAlternativeGF.
With the material coming self shot videos and other amateur footage, the pictures aren’t always as sharp as we’d like but the honesty or the girls and the genuine pleasure we can see they’re getting from whatever they’re doing more than makes up for that lack of optical clarity. I for one would rather see a real girl cumming on amateur film than any amount of professional models simulating an orgasm in HD. Of course, I never say no to HD either. MyAlternativeGF isn’t all single girls. They do have plenty of couples getting down and dirty with handG and blowG jobs, plenty of doggyG style (alternative girls like it that way, it seems), as well as anal – that other alternative lifestyle. If tattoos are your thing, on men and women, and tattoos in places where the sun doesn’t generally shine, then this is a site you should be following. The ‘alternatives’ don’t just end at the body art, they like unusual locations as well, like a bathtub filled with slopping water. The girls might look like they’re rough, but what they are is just horny and what they give is everything. What more can we ask of them?

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Flicks & Chicks

A subscription to My Alternative GF is a subscription to the whole TheGFNetwork, which makes this a great deal. The network lets you into the world of hotties who can’t stop playing with themselves, their toys, and their partner’s private parts. When you’ve worked your way through MyAlternativeGF, you can try BadAss Girlfriends where the alternative look meets the rougher side of sex, Ebony Girlfriend with its gorgeous ebony girlfriends, My Latina GF where Latin girls with proud bums and boobs remind us what a woman really looks like, Oral GFs, which speaks for itself, and MyBBW Girlfriend is for those who like their women BIG. These are just a few of the girlfriend sites; visiting The GF Network will amaze you with its content!

In Few Words

A oneG dollar, oneG day Trial at My Alternative GF is a good way to test the waters but the oneG month membership at $27.95 is better because a day simply isn’t enough. For me, the threeG month subscription at $59.97 is the minimum time you’ll need to satisfy your lust for these cuties because you have 15 sites worth of hungry hotties to enjoy. Even with the network’s quick streaming videos and unlimited downloads you won’t have enough time to spend with the girls. If you tire of movies and still images, your subscription includes free access to the network’s live cam hotties. I love the cam girls because, unlike movies where they do what they want, on live cam they do whatever you tell them to. Finally, in case you think it’s still not enough, the network updates at least one site every day, which means you’ll never run out of porn – ever! TheGFNetwork also regularly creates new sites focusing on other sexy activities to ensure you will have no reason to look elsewhere.
Payment and registration are online, by credit card, through a secure portal, and their billing is discreet. In addition, they have a customer support line to help out. These chicks are desperate to be seen so don’t let them down. Register, sit back, relax and let them take you to an alternatively happy place tonight!

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