It’s time to catch up with some real kinky sex action involving individual models yet again. My Dirty GF is focused on the antics of Nicky, Marcus’ girlfriend. It is an entertaining set of movies that infuses natural feel to porn entertainment. Nicky is a gorgeous outgoing girl with lots of sexual energy. Marcus, on his part, is your classic bull with a big appetite for sex with Nicky.

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One of the easy points to mention about My Dirty GF is that it is a well thought out platform in terms of design and layout. There are several access and navigation options provided on the platform for users. I could, quickly, view the content lined up on the menu by checking out what is listed on the drop-down menu. The content is split into a movie and pics sections. I could begin with a softer option by checking out the photos in a slide- show or downloading the pics to my local disk. They make great content for background décor or wallpaper on a PC or Smartphone.

The scenes are represented by thumbnails on the home page. I could click on any of them and sail straight to the heart of the action. Users have the privilege of reading through the scene descriptions that give the much needed interactive element to the entertainment. They are interactive because once I picked up on the circumstances that lead to a scene, or sex action between entertainers, I could easily feel along and enjoy the content from a deeper vintage point. The detailed scene descriptions provide the much-needed justification for sex. Our minds are wired in such a way that they easily internalize what makes sense from a natural perspective.

Mobile phone porn fans have a reason to smile because My Dirty GF designers have optimized the platform for access on a range of mobile devices and more. The loading speed is impressively fast and seamless. In fact, the mobile version allows you as much entertainment features as you get on PC.

Flicks & Chicks

If you are craving for something that will stir your hormones to begin to simmer and flow fast and furiously, My Dirty GF is a legitimate place to start looking. Apart from the primary content provided by the couple, the platform is also filled with sexy hot and daring models with a remarkable appetite for sex. I loved the stylish lingerie choices by Nicky and crew. She is the real sting that takes you to full alert merely by showing off some of her skin. Marcus is a natural bull that can’t help mounting Nicky at the slightest opportunity.

The bathroom scenes are particularly entertaining; with Nicky spreading out for her lover to lick her pussy close to the camera. Apart from the lapping and flicking sounds, I could feel along with Marcus as much as I envied him when he was on all fours, sucking Nicky’s cherry and making her moan with pleasure.

There are over 25 videos in full HD quality. These flicks play for an average of 14 minutes each. If you love your porn in still form, you have over 24 galleries of great high-res pics to sample. Each of the galleries contains about 55 pics.

In Few Words

I was stirred to life by the steamy sex action that ensues between the couples. The flicks also come in great quality specs that make viewing an entertaining and fulfilling experience. The videos are in full HD while most photos in the galleries; especially the most recent ones look sharp and come in high res. Navigation is also made easy just for you.

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