My GF Loves Anal is one of the most action-packed anal sex porn sites that is perfect for those who want to watch high-quality anal hardcore videos. The site which is from the famous girlfriend themed network, Amaland, features amateur and dazzling porn stars in their anal sex porn videos who are all ready to stretch their backdoor holes wider to get fucked.

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Definitely one of the most established porn sites that I have ever visited, My GF Loves Anal does not only consist of awesome contents but it also has a goof proof website that lets users maximize the whole capability of the site. It has an appealing appearance that encourages users to browse the site more and keep coming back for updates. The presentation of the site is orderly, clear and precise. The color scheme looked perfect for the entire concept and so is the font style used. The texts are also very easy to read. The graphics, which play an important part in the pages, are also well presented – nicely shot, great quality and well organized.

The site is not only presentable but it is also equipped with lots of great tools to accommodate its users. In other words, the site is usable. It has fast loading pages so users are able to save time waiting for a page to completely load. Once loaded, you will also see that every component such as the hyperlinks, forms, and menus are working quickly and correctly. There were also no broken images most especially in the photos section of the site. The site is also mindful of limiting the length of its pages so that the users will not have to keep on scrolling all the way to the bottom. They make use of paginations to divide the contents so, instead of scrolling, users can navigate the pagination in such a way where they can also choose to skip through the pages. I also noticed that the layout remains consistent on every page of the site. What you can see on the homepage is basically what you can also see in the photos section, videos section, and categories section. All the sites in Amaland network also have the same layout.

And speaking of the site’s sections, you can also easily move through the entire site, because the navigation menu is very visible anywhere on the site. The navigation menu contains links with a descriptive text that best informs the users what it is all about. It is easy to understand and very convenient to use. Since we are already talking about it, let us then head over to the main sections of the site. The homepage section is the first area of the site that you will see. This page contains a lot of sensual images of girls, their ass and all the wonderful things that they can do with it. These are a glimpse of what My GF Loves Anal is all about. Of course, you cannot see the entire collection just by merely sitting at the home page.

The videos section and the photos section are definitely two of the most interesting pages in My GF Loves Anal and basically in every porn sites. It is where you can see all the good stuff and your money’s worth. In My GF Loves Anal, there are over 700 videos and over 400 pictures that you can find. The videos usually vary in length and the average length would be five minutes to 20 minutes. You can watch these videos through the site’s in-browser player in 360p resolution. The flash player is actually pretty decent by the way. It can allow users to jump ahead to a certain part of the video immediately without waiting for the entire video to load. It also has a smooth playback. You will surely not regret any minute of it. Aside from that, you can also download the video as an MP4 file. Though there were no regrets watching the videos online, it is also pretty much satisfying if you can save these videos in your gadgets and watch them in your most convenient time. Moving on, the photo gallery of the site is also loaded with hardcore amateur photo shoots. There are approximately 30 images that you can find in each gallery with dimensions between 600×900 and 700×1000 to choose from. Just like the videos, you can also download the photos in bulk.

Just when you thought that you already had everything that you need in a porn site, My GF Loves Anal and Amaland network surprises its members with thousands of bonus videos to access. You can get additional girlfriend themed porn videos from Me and My Asian, Oral Girlfriends, My BBW GF, Jizz On My GF, Girlfriend Orgasms, GF Melons, and My POV GF.

Flicks & Chicks

There are a lot of girls to choose from on this site but, unfortunately, there is no extensive information about them. The reason is that the contents are just submitted by different users and it does not have control over these models who play in each scene. To some, this could be a bummer but still, many chose not to dwell on it and just enjoy these 700 anal sex porn scenes. The scenes will give you different ideas how to make a woman orgasm by stimulating her anus. The most common scenes feature standard anal fucking, but there are also some scenes such as ass rimming and finger fucking. If you want to be more intense, there are double penetration scenes too!

In Few Words

My GF Loves Anal is a great site to watch anal sex porn. There are a lot of awesome videos to watch and tantalizing photos to enjoy. You will not only enjoy these, but also the bonus treats from the other sites. The amateur clips look very decent and shine with great potential.

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