While you might think Only Swallows was entirely focused on blowjobs, you’d be wrong. Obviously that is what the site’s about but the girls do like to have all their holes filled before finally bringing their man off and lasciviously lapping up all his cum. As always with a 21 Sextury site, the chicks are gorgeous, with everything from flaxen-­‐haired Nordic types, through ravishing redheads and bodacious brunettes, to raven haired Latin types on show. And I do mean on show! You won’t miss a fold or curve of their naked bodies. Even for the most dedicated follower of blowjobs, and even with the variety of action Only Swallows brings you, eventually you’re going to want to watch some different sex. That’s where the network comes in. When you join Only Swallows, you’re also joining the 21 Sextury network with forty other sites dedicated to bringing you all the world’s favorite fetishes and kinks.


Included in its 41 raunchy erotic sites, 21 Sextury has 11200 scenes, 2800+ models, and 49 genres of HD movies in multiple formats (HD1080p, QH264, and MPEG, for example) and unlimited streaming and downloads for your viewing pleasure at home or when you’re away from home on mobile devices. The network updates its content frequently, including their mobile output to phones and pads. With a subscription to 21 Sextury, your days of wondering what to watch tonight may be over. 21 Sextury sites, like Only Swallows, are strictly adult entertainment. To keep them stay that way, the network’s sites are SafeLabeling Compliant and labeled Restricted To Adults (RTA) to help parents block the sites on their home computers.

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Flicks & Chicks

Only Swallows’ Home Page has twelve thumbnail links titled ‘most favored scenes’ that let you watch a short clip of the full movie. They’re a good sample of what you’ll see when you join. There’s a good selection of scenes, including one girl-­two men, two girls‐one men, one-­on-­one, some anal, double penetration, some pussy licking, and naturally blowjobs. The locations for all this activity are also nicely varied, inside the house they play in bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens while outdoors they do it poolside and in something that looks like an animal pen. And the short clips have the same razor-­sharp clarity you’ll see once you’ve become a member, so check them out.
Also on the landing page are a twelve images of ‘Top Models’, which, when you click on them, provide a sharp photo of each hottie. The quality of the images should convince you that your membership dollars wouldn’t be a disappointment. The images are as desirable as the girls. For the most part, girls who like to swallow are creamy-­‐complexioned cuties; there aren’t many girls of other colors who feature.
For a site focused on mouths, the girls spend a lot of time having their pussies and bum holes stretched by their partners. Gaping ass holes are as much a feature of the site as blowjobs. And while there’s a lot of cum in the clips, there aren’t too many creampies or facials because these girls like to lick, suck, and slurp it all up. Like the Monty Python folks sing in ‘Every Sperm is Sacred’, they don’t want any of the sticky goo being spilled on the ground and lost. Making up for the shortage of creampies and facials on Only Swallows, the genres of 21 Sextury include both of these exciting kinks, as well as, wonderfully esoteric interests such as leather and latex, Indian (South-­east Asian not Native American), short hair, grannies, foot worshipping, footsies and hairy pussies. You won’t find too many of these somewhat quirky desires in too many places. If any of them work for you, 21 Sextury could be just the hideaway you’ve been looking for.

In Few Words

Get Only Swallows and the other 21 Sextury sites for 95 cents and you can have access to all this amazing content for 24 hours. Or a better option is the thirty-day membership at $24.95, which continues as a recurring payment every month at the same price. There’s a ninety day membership for $59.95, which is also a recurring payment so you won’t have a nasty surprise when it locks you out because your time is up. The annual (365n day) subscription of $119.40 is a one time payment. To help you know how much you’re paying, the billing will be in your local currency.
There are some ways to register. Joining is online through a fill in form and you can pay using credit cards, like Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Diners Club, and others. If you’d prefer not to use a card, 21 Sextury sites accept PayPal as well. Only EPOCH PressPlay appears on your bill, a harmless enough name so you won’t be embarrassed if anyone but you sees it. For the lover of blowjobs, this is one of the best sites about. Why not try the one day option and see if it’s for you? The site and the billing company have separate Help Pages in the unlikely event of you needing their assistance with a site or billing problems.

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