Real Sex GFs is one of the All of GFs network’s sites that brings you a different type of porn collection. This time is all about real chicks with no plastic surgery, lots or makeup, and fake orgasms. Honestly, I and all other men who like porn are a little over the pornstars of today, and we want something that offers a bit more reality and legit sex. If you feel the same about the today’s porn, you should check out the Real Sex GFs website. They have a collection that will bring you real sex between cute couples from all across US. The collection features lots of naughty sex tapes shoot and submitted to be part of the site. All protagonists of these movies were paid by the Real Sex GFs website and you can say that this collection is some kind of amateur porn with a little twist. One thing is sure about the Real Sex GFs collection. It is better than the amateur porn you find on the free sites, and more real than the porn movies available on mainstream porn sites.


All you need to have a real-time online is a decent porn collection to fit your fantasies and all your needs as a man. However, if that collection comes on a crappy site that loads super slow and annoys you with all kinds of commercials and pop-up banners, your mood for porn can be ruined and you won’t have the same experience. That’s why you need an optimal site, just like Real Sex GFs. The team that designed this site has kept all the needs of the modern internet user in mind. The modern internet user needs a place which’s pages are loading in splits of a second and where the buffering is really a thing of the past. That’s what it’s offered on Real Sex GFs. More than that, all the awesome features that you will get on your computer, will be available to the mobile version of the site. There are many other things that are making the Real Sex GFs experience a good one and you will discover all of them once you step into the member area of the site.

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Flicks & Chicks

It’s really easy to have fun on this site, since all movies are excellent. Even if this is a collection brought to you by amateur models, the quality is still fantastic, both when it comes to action and image resolution. The average streaming resolution is 448×352, but you can achieve a higher image quality if you download the movies as MP4 files. The site has about 700 movies and some 800 galleries. Since this is an amateur collection the length of the movies and the size of the galleries are shorter than in the case of mainstream porn, but you will still get 10-15 minutes of hardcore action in the movies and about 30 photos in each gallery. Even if the central theme of the site is amateur porn, you will see elements from all kinds of categories, including lesbian sex, threesomes (both FFM and FMM) and even some orgies. The majority of chicks on this site are white horny bitches and all of them are looking hot as hell.

In Few Words

The access on this site is granted only to paying members, and the membership price is justified by the collection. However, there is only one membership offer, for three months of access, priced at $59.95.  The site also has a two-day trial membership at $1, and it will provide you a glimpse into the member area before you submit for the three months period. Even if the collection of this site alone is more than enough for the price of the membership, all members of Real Sex GFs will get access to 13 bonus sites, part of the All Of GFs network. These sites are all featuring submitted porn tapes, from all kinds of categories, including Asian, Emo, cumshots, Indian, Latina and more. Enjoy the ultimate amateur porn collection with the Real Sex GFs membership!

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