Velvet Ecstasy has been in business for over a decade now. That said, the collection has amassed to 1100+ different scenes. Thanks to a whopping 16 years of consistent updating each week. The site has been running for quite long and features lots of amateur hardcore. This comprises a blend of couples and then numerous acts of guys like Victor fucking and getting BJs from numerous distinct girls. Velvet Ecstasy mainly entails a blend of those categories of material. I also saw files dated back in 1999 so they encompass quite a track record and they are really good in the business.

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First things first. The layout of the site is amazing. It felt even more fluid when browsing through the pages. Below the verification link, there are two tabs; one for members and another for visitors. Visitors maybe first time explorers, or folks who do not wish to sign up on the site, yet they want to watch couples and girls getting on it. This simple site feels stress free when navigating. There are no complex links and annoying ads. How good is that? Well, on the main page I met navigation tabs at the top of the page. The blue color theme makes one relax even before having a glimpse of pussies and dicks grinding against each other. Still on the main page there is a bit of written stuff explaining what to expect in the site. The background is white in color. In between the texts, I saw erotic pics of models posing and displaying their tight pussies. This is quite an exciting scenery. I tried browsing the site on my smartphone and the mobile version was very fluid. Nothing to complain about, especially for folk who do a lot of travelling.

Flicks & Chicks

I saw that the exclusives are categorized by year, from late 1999 onwards. The pics and videos are cataloged simultaneously for every set. The clips play at 1100k and resolution reach up to 1920×1080. They still appear amateur though there are no issues to do with quality. They encompass various types of couples living out their fancies behind camera. Besides the model list, they added other list of sets such as fetish/sexual scene and by year and model, too. The actuality is that they are simple text linked lists, though they are handy even so. Some transformations have transpired through the years. Earlier video act used to come with four sections, which is quite cool: first the interview, secondly the main act, thirdly the facial, and lastly the aftermath. At the moment scenes are just presented along with associated images, and a long description. The interaction there is much sturdier than gimmick networks with random strangers banging for quick bucks. These pairs know exactly what the partner likes and exactly how to press his or her knobs. Rather than the impractical tongue flicks you watch on porn movies, these couples are truly kissing, and very intensely. The couples appear very contented with each other and entail what I would deem to be more typical conversation during sex. Instead of “Oh yeah baby! Fuck my tight asshole.” Rather they groan “Yeah, it’s sweet. Mm, a little deeper.” It may not be as stagy as a typical porn movie but it sure appears more genuine to me. I enjoyed watching the clips since it appeared to me that the couples were enjoying every bit of it, too. All of the acts are unique and you won’t find them anywhere else. The variability is finer than I imagined to discover with niche groupings for stuff like pantyhose, food fetish, balloons, and smoking. Models vary from amateurs with the majority in their early 20’s though there exist some milfs, too. Several cultures can be found too which is a bonus and increases the variety.

In Few Words

Velvet Ecstasy is still a fun amateur site encompassing a large enough quantity of material to have numerous diverse browsing choices accessible. I think this site will allure visitors and members who are searching for a no gimmic, porn experience. The superiority and price are eminent for this kind of unique material and I believe this site conveys the phrases “amateur” and “reality” back to what they actually signify.

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