1001DVDs is a website that has way more than 1001 videos. It is one of the more boutique porn sites in a way that it plays into a specific niche. The stories in the films are well thought out and always come to a satisfying conclusion. The sex is tight and loud. The directors made sure to pair each female up with a well-endowed man who could push her limits.

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1001DVDs allows for a lot of scrolling and searching. The title for each video appears as a comment at first, but then you realize it is just a non-capitalized title. Video previews are enticing and give you a good idea as to what the video will be about. The layout isn’t aggressive and intense. It is smooth without ads popping up and things flashing in your face.

Flicks & Chicks

1001DVDs has some insanely hot girls. These girls are definitely cum sluts and they seem to really love anal. I love the mix of great stars and unknown actresses. The high amount of interracial makes it a lot of fun to watch. Most of the men are American and the women are a mix of Japanese and American stars participating in taboo sex.

The Japanese women are bountiful enough to allow the site to be called a Japanese porn site, but there are enough other demographics to make it a variety porn site. Included in the package is one of the safer payment methods that you will see. The anonymity of course is a fantastic perk when checking out so it doesn’t show up on your credit card.

I am familiar with other sites owned by the same group and they always deliver with quality and ensure that the usage of the website is easy. I liked how there were no hidden fees and the full access given to all videos on the site. It was just moments to create a membership and have access to thousands of videos that fit my interests. The videos are HD as promised and it is great to see the attention to detail. You can see the cum shoot out during facials and you can see the stretch of the pussy when a massive rod is stuffed inside of it. 

Membership was surprisingly cheap for all that I got. They know that they can get more members by charging less than the other sites that offer the same thing. This site is like a video gold mine where you can keep finding more and more unique videos. With a monthly membership you can have access to it all on your laptop and on your phone. And the best part, there’s no limit to what you can stream or download. 

In Few Words

1001DVDs is a grab bag of different videos with a salient Japanese theme. Until this site I had no clue that there were videos like this. With an affordable monthly membership and secure payment method, you are guaranteed to enjoy your experience on 1001DVDs. You can easily switch in between watching major stars and innocent-looking Japanese women. The men are really hung and they make the most of their time with the women. The women are good at what they do and it makes for a satisfying experience every time. This website isn’t updated anymore, take a look at Jav HD.

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