About Us Page

Hello from the bestpornpay.com team! Since you are visiting our About Us page, you must probably be wondering who we are, what do we do, and why do we do it, right? Ok, we are about to tell you precisely that.
We are a team of girls and boys who one day came with a vision. We all saw that there was a problem for any of us who likes to watch porn (which is practically everybody), and that problem is that nowadays there are so many porn websites out there, that you don’t even know where to begin. It was somewhat easier 15 years ago, when you knew which were the main good porn websites, but now with so much offer, it is difficult to keep track.
Even when it is great to have all that variety and options, this has also brought the opportunity for not so reliable people to create websites that only intend to fool people and make them pay for their membership sites, only to later find out that the quality of their content is not great at all, that they never add new content, that they don’t deliver what they promise, or worst of all, they were only interested in stealing your credit card or payment information. That is never a good thing to happen, don’t you think?
So that’s why we came up with the idea of bestpornpay.com: to give our readers and visitors a list of safe, worth-to-visit porn websites or networks, that we have made sure that provide good content, good quality, frequent updates, and many other parameters that let us know that a particular website is a safe bet.

How do we filter the best porn websites?

One of the first filters we use as a respected reviewer, to see if everything is alright with any given website, is to ask their webmasters for a free pass to their site in order to check it out and give our readers a real and comprehensive review about it. This provides us a good filter, because only serious business owners and trustable webmasters will be willing to offer a reviewer a free pass to their site (once we have demonstrated that we are a respected review website, of course). Obviously, if anyone has something to hide, or does not want anyone to discover until they have given the money, they would never accept a reviewer on their site.
There are also other aspects we use to filter porn websites, such as technical aspects. We take into account the Page Rank and Domain Authority of all the websites we review. We do this because these are the same parameters that Google uses to verify that a website is trustable.
We also review how safe a website is. Does the website try to install software (spyware, malware, etc.)? Does the website try to redirect you to rogue websites? Does the website have a safe payment gate? These are very important aspects that are very easy to overlook when someone is not very tech-savvy and when the pretty promises of the website make you purchase by impulse.
You can be sure that any website we show you in bestpornpay.com will keep your computer, tablet, credit card or payment information safe and sound. Isn’t that nice to hear?

Not only reviews and safety

But there’s even more. We are not only offering you a safe and great list of websites to visit; we also want to bring our readers more things they are going to love, and that’s why we also offer great discounts for many of the websites we feature in our lists.
You might want to know how come that we are able to offer these great discounts. Well, we can do this because several porn website and network owners have made good deals with us, because we bring a great amount of traffic to their websites, so in return, they have provided us amazing discounts on their premium access fees, available only for our readers. Believe us when we tell you that these discounts are really worth checking out, because in many cases besides the discount, they will also give you access to all the other websites that belong to the same network, so they are great options that you don’t want to miss.

Yep, even more

I know that you think this is already great, but actually that is not all, because thanks to this joint collaboration between the best porn providers and us, we can also give you samples of some of their premium content, so you can check out the quality and be sure that they are what you are looking for, and willing to pay for (or if not, that’s ok, you just keep looking for others you might like).
Don’t keep any question or doubt to yourself. If there is anything you want to ask us or share with us, go to our Contact Us page.