On the 3D Bad Girls you will be able to browse through a compilation of 3D animated porn videos with nicely shaped girls who were created to be perfect. These flicks feature hardcore sex, and also some modeling, and they are the best example of how horny 3D experts spend their women-lacking hours. High picture quality, life-like animations and whole bunch of bonuses are what you get inside. The 3D Bad Girls started to provide animated porn in 2010. Though the content is dated and these dates show daily updates, the numbers doesn’t seem to grow, so the content is either rotated or they take away the oldest scenes to make space to the new ones. Whatever may be the case, according to the site’s counter, you get access to more than 640 videos on this site, along with 64,000 pictures, organized into sets. If this isn’t enough for you to feel satisfied, the membership on the 3D Bad Girls also grant you access to 10 additional sites for free. These are selected sites from the list of the Sextronix’s portals, and they don’t really parts of any network. The included sites are the following: PartyGirlsFlashing, where hot chicks show their body; TotallyBlondes with a non-exclusive collection of hard videos of blonde pornstars; EroticCheerleaders, InterracialSexZone, EuroSexNation, SecretHarem, YoungGirlfriends, ToysInChicks, AbsoluteHandjobs. To make it more interesting, there is also a site called HentaiDreams, where high quality hentai videos are yours to enjoy. As you can see, there lots of nasty niches covered in the videos of the included sites. Some sites are updating regularly some aren’t, and it seems that there are non-exclusive videos on them too. Also, the membership makes you eligible to browse through a database of a live cam show site, thus making it possible for you to direct your own porn show, and get everything you wanted.


The site where you land if you follow our link or type the site’s address into the address bar, is quite ordinary. There are some pictures and a muted trailer playing but these are all that the tour offers. For CGI models, the girls look really good, and the mentioned extras also feel catchy, so let’s give in and head for the members’ area. We are certain that this theme is customizable, but it seems that some webmasters are fine with the plain original theme. It’s not a bad thing, but a change of color could do wonders for the impression of the site. Nonetheless, there are various and nice navigation tools, so the abilities of the site are good. You can use a search engine, or choose from the several options the menus on the left grants you. There is a content-related main menu on the top too. Since the videos are usually under 10 minutes, watching them in the browser is really a good way. If you don’t fancy saving clips, open the video’s page and click on the player; after a few seconds of buffering you can enjoy the smooth playback. But, you can download them if you like. The most important medium here is the standstill pictures. You can view them in the browser or save in zip files, it’s all up to you.

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Flicks & Chicks

It’s really surprising how gorgeous the 3D animated girls are. One would think that the guys who created them were just horny and had a fetish for huge breasts, but fortunately they weren’t just that. In case you enjoy watching hardcore porn videos, but you don’t really like real girls, or you just needed a change, the ‘models’ list of the 3D Bad Girls is going to suffice your needs. These girls are not natural, since they are created by men, but as you can see, they have naturalistic shapes. Most surprisingly there are not just those ever-famous busty cunts around, but also those cute girls with tight body and perky tits are featured. We were surprised to see this great variety, the folks who created these animations and pictures really knew what they were doing, and so they provided us with a great collection. There are all types of chicks, so you can enjoy watching almond-shaped eyes on cute Asian-like faces as they ride on a large (not so detailed) cocks, and you may like the shining brown skin of the Ebony cuties of the site. You will find here girls, who were made to look like they are still under 20, however a bunch of MILF-looking ones are also happen to be found in here. Those who have some fetish for tattoos may find a lot of hot girls with sexy tattoos all over their body. There are several different mediums on the site: you can find here videos and photos. The videos are usually short, but they feature really hot sex. Since in 3D animations everything is possible you will find here all types of heavy niches covered, while the girls still remain naturally looking and just damned sexy. Among the flicks of the 3D Bad Girls you can find a number of modeling videos, which just shot the girls’ body, but these are just as good as the actual hardcore scenes. Apart from the videos that offer even some hot HD resolutions too, there are Flash-animations too, also with sexy stuff in them. You can also browse through picture galleries, which feature not just modeling but also some solo and hardcore act from the ‘models’ here. Nearly 850 photo sets are available on the 3D Bad Girls, and most of them contain about 30 pictures. These sets aren’t only containing modeling, but some really sexy, and quite nasty comics can be found among them too.

In Few Words

The scenes of the 3D Bad Girls are really sexy, and the videos cover several hardcore niches, however the pictures and the comics are the most important things here, so make sure to take a look at them. It seems that new content arrives now and then, but if you want more porn, you should pay a visit to the bonus sites, where hentai and real-life porn videos are awaiting you.

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