If you are a lover of girls having clean shaven pussies, then ALS Scan is the website for you. Here you will find none of those airbrushed silicon filled porn girls showing their assets, but girls having bodies which are untouched by any form of operation. These girls are awesome in the looks department and all have given up the natural bushes to go for a more modernized shaven pussy. The women are picked up from different parts of the world and when the cameras start rolling; these girls come out of their pooled attires and generate unbelievable romance. The manner they use their bodies to seduce as well as appreciate the magnificence of their sex partners will give you a hard dick for sure. You will find no scarcity of action. You will find girl types such as- girl next door, erotic frat beauties and also hot and sexy secretaries to titillate your senses. You might have come across numerous websites providing the same kind of action, but when you visit this website, you will find the action to be different from what you have experienced so far. You have to appreciate the website for its realistic contents and also their uniqueness. Both videos and pictures are shot with state of the art cameras and also by following certain methods. The cameraman pays attention to even the tiniest details just so that when the end result is complete, it is nothing short of excellence. I found that when I was checking some of the videos, I noticed that even those subtle sounds and also those difficult to hear words which these actors have between the actions to turn on more heat; were also clearly audible. The clarity was spell-bounding and in some important places, the action was focussed specifically to allow the viewers a good look at the action. The pictures are also crisp and lively and in their size, they can go up to 17 megapixels per pic. Most of the videos are in HD formats, some even in 1080p HD (Blue-ray formats). The website also provides you some awesome discounts and has no limit in the download section. The best thing I found on this website is the involvement of the actors. There are many porn stars that do these videos just for the sake of professionalism and without putting their hearts into it and that accounts for the videos to be fake and lifeless. Even if the contents do appear to be good from the outset, you will not find that intensity and oomph factor which will make your bones and balls react. But here you will not find such instances. The action is superb and the actors will be seen going on against each other in an ecstasy of sex and enjoyment. The girls will be seen having lots of fun, smiling wherever their bodies feel some sexual sensation and that makes the videos of ALS Scan; all the more enjoyable. In the videos you will also see the usage of sex toys, restrain toys and strap-on. The models will also be seen supporting sexy lingerie for the action indoors and two-pieces for outdoors. Another thing which you will love here is that these girls are not skinny and have more fleshy peculiarities. This makes them more alluring to the eyes. Their breasts are also decent sized and when they play around with their boobs and move their curvy assets in perfect symmetry, you will love every bit of it. There are lots of videos involving fisting, peeing, masturbating, smooching, squirting and etc. Plus the action will differ from duets to a threesome and even foursome sex.

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When we talk about the navigation of the website, it is as simple as it can get. Even if you are not so efficient in handling the internet, by just following the laid down menu options, you will be able to check out any part of the website you desire. The home page comprises of an update section which you can click to check out all the latest additions made to the website. The names of some of their sexiest girls will be given when you go further down the website. The model index is also a great option as you can use it to check out whichever model appeals to you. The website also gets frequent updates and that is one of the best things about it. Every now and then, the website gets new additions and whenever you log into the website, you will find that there is always something new and interesting to gaze at. The membership procedures are also quite easy. There is a signup page which you can click to enter your information. That page will also have the sign-up details and select the ones which go as per your requirement, you can apply for membership. The website also provides a wonderful user interface and owing to the smart suggestions which the website provides, you will easily find the content which you like. Regarding the payment of the subscription, you can use the credit card payment mode.

Flicks & Chicks

One of the strongest points of the website is their collection of wonderful girls. These girls are by no means skinny. They have more fleshy peculiarities and their breasts also appear to be perfectly sized. These girls are great performers and as the cameras start rolling, they will bring out their animal instincts and generate unbelievable romance. Some of the popular names in the website which you can check out are- Melanie Rios, Veronica Rodriguez, Blue Angel, Kacey Chase, Sophie Moone, Lola, Malena Morgan and several others. Plus they also bring in newer girls in their website and make sure that contents keep on increasing in number and their scalability reaches newer levels. The updates are also regularly done. The videos are also great in sound and quality and most of them are in full high definition. The picture quality can reach up to 17 megapixels and some videos also are in 1080p HD resolutions. The videos can be easily downloaded in a host of operating systems and the website does not pose any restriction on the number of downloads. The pictures are also easily downloadable altogether in one zip file.

In Few Words

The ALS Scan is a website where you will find all the girls having clean shaven pussies. They will be seen playing around with hairless glory holes, fisting themselves and also using dildos and sex toys for penetrating themselves as well as their sex partners. The videos are in HD formats and will make way for great viewing. So join in for the unlimited fun which the website provides.

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