The first impression is a simple but friendly platform with some of the most popular entries in the last couple of weeks, it is divided into categories and it also has easy-to-use menu options, navigating through this website is simple, most of its visitors will be able to fully enjoy all the alternatives of the website.
This page only features Japanese porn actors and actresses


It is a clean site with a flawless look, no imperfections, mistakes or bad designs were noticed. The layout makes anyone feel comfortable because it is very well done and clean looking.
The design is very consistent and uniform throughout all the sections of this page. The white and purple tones used by this website make it pleasant to look, there are many porn sites out there that use such an awful combination of colors that makes it almost impossible to navigate through them, luckily for them, the designer of this website got it right. The load time of the page is extremely quick and as far I got, I didn’t run with any broken link avstockings shows the many videos available on the website if you click in one of those videos you can check the full video as well as pictures from the video and some information about the starring actress. Additionally, this page is mobile friendly, allowing you to access from your Smartphone or your tablet, going through your desktop or laptop is no longer necessary. The mobile version allows you to enjoy each and every one of the options available.
Oh! And the page is available in Japanese and English.

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Flicks & Chicks

All of the girls in this website are Japanese or have Japanese traits. Activities include: role-play videos, hardcore sex, creampies, threesomes and much more. The alternatives are just amazing; you just got to check it for yourself.
The only video format for this website is .mp4, most of the videos last more than 20 minutes, no short videos were found on this website. Regarding the quality of the videos, AV Stockings should be proud of professionally shooting their videos, all of them have extremely good content and you have different qualities that can adjust to your internet speed or to the device that you are using to browse this website.
There are many alternatives that allow any user to easily access and watch one of the tons of videos available at this website. Also, it’s has a download option, your access to see these Asian chicks will not be limited to the internet connection. You can keep the content for yourself, How good is that, huh?
With each video, you benefit from a gallery of the video, which has over 65 high-quality pictures.
If you sign up to this website, you just not sign up for AV Stockings, you sign to an entire network known as JAVHD that has more than 16 sites and more than 5000 videos! If you do not find what you are looking for on this website, you’ll certainly find it on the others. It’s up to you which website to visit. What was seen on AV Stockings, was repeated on the rest of the network.

In Few Words

AV Stockings is an easy-to-use website, perfectly designed and with high-quality content. The Japanese actresses make of this website a total keeper, the large selection of scenes and the good quality of the videos (professional job, not home-made) are some of these reasons you should visit this website.

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