As the saying goes, “You can find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow”. Lol! What an intro for a review! Kidding aside, I can correlate this saying to what Bad Tow Truck, a great porn site that I visited, can offer. So, hey fellas, (all porn-lovers, I should say), you shouldn’t dare to miss checking out this one… I’ll give you a hint.

What if you’re having a bad day… you’re too upset for something ridiculous and then you decide to go out and breath some fresh air? You grab your keys and then at the middle of the road, you find yourself waiting for help since your car got stuck! What the heck, right? And then comes a man from nowhere who insists to tow your vehicle! Should you get mad or yell at him? Think again… why not offer something irresistible? Yes, that’s the word. Offer him something he can’t resist and forget… Gear up your naughty mind now…what you’re thinking is right. That’s what I mean… (lol!).

Good paid adult site for the fans of car sex stuff


Stories that are cute, naughty and interesting will welcome you once you enter the site. Unlike other porn sites which have complex design and features, this one is simple and user-friendly. Menus are organized and visible. The footer contains important information as well. Each click will bring you to link showing videos and features you can never find from other porn sites. The colour is simple, with gray and yellow complementing so well. You’ll be tired if you’re going to look for a broken link.

What you’ll surely find are vast choices of videos you can watch. What’s good with each video is that they have ‘synopsis’ or a short description of what you can expect. As a matter of fact, they should’ve not termed as description only, they must be called as ‘teaser’. Believe me, you’ll be teased and enticed with each story. And I bet you can’t stop yourself from watching more and more and more...

At the homepage, you can find menus such as Videos, Models, and All RealityKings Scenes. These are so organized that you will surely find it easy to browse the site’s feature! Another exciting feature is that you can download or stream the video so you can save them and watch again once ‘missing time’ is felt. (lol)!

Flicks & Chicks

As mentioned before, the site offers videos that range from smooth to hard-core sex performances – all worth watching and craving for! Each video is captured very well (so, you’ll have a great peek for those steaming sessions!) They all high quality, high-resolution and no buffering!

There’s one of my most favorite video there. It’s a video showing how a guy got an awesome blowjob from a hot sweetheart and then they ended up fucking each other inside the truck! From handjobs to blowjobs and then popping out with the rich ‘oh-some’ pleasures, makes me watch it several times! Another one that tops on my list is when a hottie offers a blowjob just to not pay an amount to tow the car. The guy’s big dick becomes a weapon fully licking her pussy and then made a complete entrance to her rich hole. Oh, before I forget…her big cock first got an awesome and sweet enjoyment inside her mouth. Well, of course, her tits also made great performance in teasing his tongue to lick, grab and taste both of them. You can imagine how delicious the moaning they had…That scene was so hot that I actually bring my imagination to the farthest it can reach – father than nay truck in super speed can reach!

Videos are organized as Recent, Mostly Viewed and Top Rated… So, if you’re holding your mouse now and ready to click, the choice is up to you!

In Few Words

The problem with some other porn sites is that they only post videos and images that are boring and less captivating. And let’s admit it. We always want to find something even better, something more irresistible, and a porn site that will make us ‘experience’ what we are watching. It’s not always the face of a model that we are after, right? Often, we look for that unique element of a porn site. And that is – QUALITY!

Be it on the content, on the story, on the video, on the image, on the story, it all falls on one requirement. We are all looking for quality! We can’t enjoy a steaming sex performance if the videos are shoot on low resolution, right? So, once decided to become a member of a porn site, make sure it’s worth it! With Bad Tow Truck, you’ll for sure have it!

“The site is offline. Check out the best public pay porn sites.”

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