Porn has always fueled me in certain ways. It has helped me get through some tough times, especially when I feel the need to masturbate. Also, when I get a little too sexually frustrated. Porn comes in many different forms and definitely in many different niches. If you are the type of person who loves porn as a whole, then you are just like me. I do not judge, I enjoy. I make myself open to various choices, even in life. I do not close my doors or stop listening to suggestions, no matter how horrible they sound. The same thing applies to porn. It does not matter what genre you throw my way, as long as I see hardcore sex, I go for it.

So, imagine my surprise when someone recommended this bisexual porn site to me in an apparent way to throw me off. Unfortunately for him, I ended up loving the site and everything it brings to my porno table. BiMaxx was the name of the site and now I am going to spend my entire time trying to convince you how amazing it is in here. BiMaxx is a bisexual porn site launched in the late 2005 and is currently owned (and managed by) the huge porn network Payserve. Not only do they like to mix and match males and females, you will immediately be promised, shown, and provided with hot, steamy threesomes, foursomes, and orgies. With how things are heading to, no wonder this site is famous to both males and females alike. This porn site will show you the ultimate sexual adventure.

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When we talk about great site designs, BiMaxx would be one of the porn sites that would first cross my mind. It has a great appearance despite being simply made. No hullabaloos are being added here and every single thing is as straightforward as it should be. With its plain white background, black borders, and grey font colors, the site design is a stand still that exudes class and magnificence. The richness of the site is thanks to the many things that are found in the main page but despite the high number, it remains in its resplendence and orderly attribute. The navigation here is a mere walk in the park, and its layout and user interface is user-friendly. Of course, the arrangement remains neat and orderly, like I expected it to be.

The site will require a membership if you wish to access all its given features, including all of its videos and photos. Sign up to be a member and get instant access afterwards. Once you have gone your way to do that, then you are free to do whatever it is you desire. The site will allow you to comment on videos, as well as add them to your favorites. BiMaxx has an obvious lack of browsing tools but they have a pagination link which I would take any day rather than the advanced search bars. This is because I like exploring and I get to see all the interesting things that the site brings that I will not be able to do with a search bar. With the pagination link, I can skim through everything without missing anything. The links are found on top of the site and they are easy to decipher and understand. Clicking on them will merely just prompt you to the page they represent. In the middle of the main page, you will find the belly of the glutton. This is where you will see the numerous video thumbnails being lined up and pitted against each other.

These thumbnails are carefully and properly titled, marked in HD, and have information about how long the video is bound to last. Sure, there are no individual descriptions for the video but the thumbnails already say a lot. Down this throng of thumbnails is where you will eventually find the pagination link. BiMaxx supports photo sets. Right now, there are almost 300 photo sets present and each contain about 150 photos that are all in hi res with a 2440 x 1680 pixel resolution. You may download these galleries in zip files or save them individually in a more direct method by right clicking on the a photo and hitting the ‘save us’ option. With your membership in BiMaxx, you also get to access several other porn sites under Payserve for free. I would suggest busying yourself with these as well because they are truly worth the time.

Flicks & Chicks

BiMaxx is the perfect place to watch both girls and boys do the nasty stuff to each other. It is purely unadulterated and you will never get enough of the buff jocks, the gorgeous ladies with banging hot bodies, and the many things they do to make each other feel immeasurable pleasure. The sex here is simply amazing and mind blowing, as you will witness in the videos being taken.

You have the textbook threesome and orgies, but they add a little zest to it by putting in their personal charms. You will see men shoving their dicks into another man’s butthole, while this guy fucks a girl’s pussy. The usual stuff you will see here is the threesome but you also get your fair share of frivolous foursomes and electrifying orgies.

You can catch these scenes in your browser or download them to your device in MP4 format. Now, this site is mobile friendly so you can also watch the scenes in any mobile device that supports the site. A 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution dominates the video properties, followed by a 1280 x 720 pixel resolution.

In Few Words

I am totally recommending this site to those of you who love the bisexual world and the many pleasures it brings. This is not your usual porn site that consists of the two boys and a girl, this is so much more. You get greatness balled into one porn site and more.

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