When two hairy and muscular men come together in efforts to pleasure each other, the action is great enough to make any straight man turn gay. They have a way of giving each other cock bareback style while one is effortlessly rubbing his cock and the other one inserts it inside his ass. They can choose to even suck each other or give facials but at the end of the day, they would have made all of their deepest desires come true. They motivate us to jump through the screen, regardless of the angle that you are watching them from, leaving us with nothing but thoughts that creep in on long lonely nights. Often, we have been so used to watching Twinks indulge in pleasure, so much so that Jonno, a renowned photographer deemed it best to showcase a different kind of porn action; that which features the most masculine men also getting pleasure. If not for anything else, for good entertainment and diversity. He called it Butch Dixon.

Body hair and muscle lovers will get at it from the action on Butch Dixon. It’s evident that Jonno truly knows his stuff. The quality of the content on this platform is sheer perfection. There is no doubt that all of the action is crystal clear and you will not be missing anything from all shooting angles. You will definitely learn many new things. Whether you are gay or straight, there are many skills that you will be able to take back to the bedroom. Butch Dixon has to be one of the best muscle bound and bear sites on the virtual platform. It is all about the multiple orgasms that you are going to get as soon as you log into these pages of pleasure.

Butch Dixon was established in September 2006. This only goes to show that it is expert in all things gay porn. For years, it has consistently been a great provider of action that has never failed to excite. Due to the fact that the original scenes only showcase action in hardcore, you will be in for a very good treat. Currently, the collection holds 245 videos that treat you to thrilling action. As the men have sex in all manner styles, so will you be motivated to try out new things in efforts to pleasure yourself. Group sex also makes a play on this platform. Rimming and rough penetration are also not exempted.

Download and streaming are also speedy processes that will allow you to enjoy the action in no time. Unlike downloading from other sites, you do not have to wait for long endless hours in order to watch your first flick. The videos come in different sizes and dimensions and it is up to you to choose for older scenes to 5200k for scenes that have been uploaded recently. The entire collection portrays a good level of professionalism. Members can also enjoy extras such as the site’s blog, twitter news and consistent updates. 

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Butch Dixon is a site that has a highly appealing design. When you log in, you will be able to get directly into the action. The previews are hot and sweet just as the action is. The latest uploads are the first category of flicks that you see and then they are followed by a couple of other videos a couple of other videos. The flicks are tagged with a release date, a title, and a brief description. All of the scenes contain the site’s logo that has been stamped on them.

Butch Dixon does not have a lot of adverts, there are only minimal advertisements that will enable you to enjoy your tour accordingly. Updates are their times a week, therefore, you will be getting a lion’s share access to the collection. The bright orange background makes everything on the site ‘lively’. The videos are sub-divided into the ‘hottest category’ and you can be able to see the next update and the site’s top models.

Flicks & Boys

The top models on Butch Dixon include Ted Cologne, Rocco Banks, Sam Bishop and Ray Stone. They make for the best action hands down. You have never seen sex this good anywhere on the virtual platform!

Jesse Ares and Angel Garcia will blow your mind with the kind of sex that they indulge in. first, Jesse sucks his partner’s cock as if his life depends on it. He gets down on his knees and does everything in the name of pleasure. Once he is done, Angel restrains his leg with and spreads them apart, then wears a condom to ensure that he is protected. When he penetrates him, you will also be busy with your hands in your pants because to action is too hot to ignore. The tattooed muscular guys fuck each other until they both have multiple orgasms. When they cum, it’s like the world stops and they are the only two people in existence.

On another scene, you will enjoy Jason, a hot hairy man who jerks off in a sexy. All of the men simply want to be pleasured and whether they get down in the comforts of the house, in a shed or in the studio, they will still ‘bring it’. Alexx Desby and Michael Salvaggio delight in eating each other’s assholes. The men are quite the lookers and you will instantly fall in love with them.

In Few Words

There is something for everyone on Butch Dixon. The gay sex is quite right and it has been presented in a way that you cannot resist. The well-built and heavy men have everything going for them, therefore, you will not be disappointed by what you see. Viewing the scenes gives ultimate pleasure. If you are into this kind of entertainment, all you have to do is sign up.

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