Girls, in general, are heaven sent and boy does we love everything kinky that they do. Porn sites were made to honor that certain aspect and we obviously love every single one of that. Don’t get me wrong; porn is not just all about girls, but a huge percentage of the industry is greatly focusing on the latter, because girls are fluffy, hot bunnies, with gorgeous faces and bodies to be proud of, and they make really good jerk off materials. With a large portion of porn sites dedicated solely to women, you will be surprised at how much kinks they take on. As long as these girls are being shed in a positively sexual light, the industry would never stop producing tons and tons of these deliciously lewd content. You will not be getting enough of it anytime soon so expect a whole lot more kinks being covered.

One of the kinks I find rather interesting and fascinating lingers on clothed girls having the time of their lives fucking and getting fucked – because it is an absolute sight to behold. Seeing these girls having their pussies devoured by dick after dick, and tongue after tongue, as they succumb to the pleasure of the most intense finger bang they have ever experienced, it is certainly something you will not be forgetting and getting rid of anytime soon. The sensation of such is only heightened when these girls are dominant and love ordering guys to strip naked before the intense interaction.

This is exactly what CFNMTeens is about. CFNM essentially means “clothed female, naked male” and that term basically gives justice to the site because here you will be seeing tons of males being asked to strip down or willingly stripping down, while girls remain fully clothed, only showing their most private parts in front of the camera for the excitement of the public. Do not think that this makes the site any less sexy because seeing these clothed girls, exposing only their pussies, butts, and tits are quite the spectacle. It actually feels really erotic and really naughty, when I think about it, more than what I feel when I see naked ladies.

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CFNMTeens is by TeemSkeet and this porn company is famous for their unique take on porn and the likes. Also, they are known for their simple and minimalist site designs. Sure enough, CFNMTeens is something that has that certain feature. With a white background floating around and the neatly stacked video thumbnails on the main page, it is not hard to differentiate this site from all others that belong to the company.

You can always sign up for a premium membership if you want to have unlimited and unadulterated access. I do not know of any trial membership since I immediately opted for the premium membership and I suggest you guys would go for that since you can save more when you opt for that, that is, if a trial version does exist.

With a simple and convenient looking site, the navigation it entails is also quite easy to manage. The interface is very user-friendly and there are not many links to be found considering that they have managed to make everything else visible at this point in the main page. Once you get in, you will notice a throng of video thumbnails sprawled everywhere with time stamps all over them and some of this labeled HD. Also, there are dates listed below that and some other details. Each video also has data on how many times it has been viewed and how many downloads it has gone through. The number might not always be the case but it is not totally impossible, as well, because with the quality the videos from CFNMTeens are absolutely great.

At the bottom of the page, you will notice how there are a couple of links that could help you with your adventure in the site. Not much after that, you will notice the pagination at the bottom of the page, too. Since the site is not that old yet, you would notice that there are things lacking from it but nothing completely major. As of the moment, you cannot add videos to favorites, or comment on them, or rate them but this is particularly because the site is fairly new. You will, however, experience great browsing and hi resolution photos that you can download in zip files. Also, there are a number of bonus sites that you can access for free from the same network, so if you feel like that the site is a bit lacking, you can always check those out without the hassle.

Flicks & Chicks

The girls of CFNMTeens look like they are really fresh but that is not always the case because some of these ladies look like they are a bit older. For the most part, although fresh-faced, these slutty girls do not hold back when it comes to getting screwed. They do not seem to mind too much about being clothed as long as they get what they want and stat.

Right now, the site has around 50 videos and counting which is quite a number since the site has only been around since last year. The recent spurt of updates also helped the site at some point, too. All scenes are subjected to both downloading and streaming in the browser. The quality is great with 1920 x 1080p, 1280 x 720p, and 960 x 540p. The formats available are mp4 and windows.

In Few Words

I love the quality CFNMTeens gives their subscribers and I salute them for having the site up and running at a decent pace even until now. If you love seeing clothed girls having the time of their lives, I recommend this site to you.

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