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As with all the PornPros sites, Cum Disgrace is for adults only. The only way into the site and the other PornPros sites is by joining. After that, logging in is by a password you created, which has to be typed in at every visit. Non-members can’t go further than the Home page. Cum Disgrace keeps records confirming that each girl who appears on the site is over age. Subscribing to Cum Disgrace gives you access to all 24 of the PornPros sites and there’s a Trial membership for $1 for one day to check them all out. You can’t say fairer or cheaper than that! To really inspect the content closely, however, you’re probably going to need more time than that, such as a month, which will set you back only $29.95. Still not enough time? Probably not so go for three months at $59.37. When you’ve really given these girls a good test ride, splash out on a full year membership at just pennies less than $120, which works out to be $9.95/month. Is there anything else in this world that can give so much pleasure for so few dollars? Note: payments are single payments, not monthly, which is a good thing if others can see what you spend because it’s a single explanation and easily done. The company uses a discreet, anonymous description on your credit card or bank statement.


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Flicks & Chicks

Cum Disgrace is one of PornPros harder sites, with lots of leather, latex, slapping, and manhandling of the ladies, as well as oodles of cum on their faces and bodies. These are the girls who like to suck and wank a cock but not swallow; they like the feel of cum on their skin, in their mouths, pussies, and ass holes.
For the most part, these are mature women. Women who find ordinary sex too tame, women who like tattoos and piercings and the feel of strong rope and knots constraining their limbs. They like sex rough and men rougher. They want to feel your desire, your passion pounding them. One man doesn’t provide enough of what they want so fans of bukkake will want to check out this site too.
Once they’re tied, leashed, collared and cuffed, they’re helpless and their masters and mistresses can do as they will with them, offering their naked bodies up to be deluged in cum or filling their always hungry orifices to bursting. Then cum dribbles from mouths, pussies and bum holes, sliding down and merging with the sweat on each hotties’ skin. Cream pies are just the start for these girls; they aren’t happy until they’re bathed and slippery wet with wriggling sperm.
The only clothing these girls favor are old-fashioned stockings, fishnet or seamed, while their mistress may wear a leather bra that supports but doesn’t cover her breasts. For mistresses, tits are an aggressive weapon to be held over their cowering cum dump slaves. Mistresses can’t spray cum over their slaves, of course, but they can hold them while chosen men do – and they can share in the bounty too.
Once you’ve enjoyed all there is on offer at Cum Disgrace, you can check out PornPros other sites. There’s something for every taste, fresh chicks to mature MILFs, blondes, redheads, brunettes, and raven-haired, as well as all the wonderful colors of female skin, itty-bitty titties to bouncing boobs, round peach-like rushes to bountiful butts, and all 24/7 and 365 days/year.

In Few Words

Cum Disgrace, like all PornPros sites, has a simple online sign up. Payment is through a secure gateway and by Visa, Master Card or check. You also have a choice of languages – Spanish, German, Italian, French and English so you can be sure of what you’re doing when you’re signing up. If blowjobs and facials are what you love to see, then Cum Disgrace needs to be on your favorite bar and the price is right too. Why wait? Sign up today and get watching! Cum Disgrace doesn’t exist anymore, take a look at Porn Pros Network.

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