If you want to see a fun and filthy guy peeing in front of you or probably do some other things like defecating or masturbating, this site is an exclusive amateur video that features Czech guy hotties doing whatever they want in the toilet. The Czech Gay Toilets is perhaps one of the most original amateurs gay films and site ever existed in the online industry. The guys were filmed while doing their thing captured on hidden camera. What’s so outrageous is that the hidden camera is placed inside the bowl. For bisexuals out there, you better buckle up and rev up your engine watching these handsome guys peeing in front of you.


The site promises exclusive videos put together in full HD. For this new concept of the site, I would not be surprised that this gay site will grow. There are updates that generate new videos by hunky guys and let you watch them as they will show their willies in front of you spewing their loads. Some or the dicks you will see are fully erected and most of them are not. But, all of them look yummy, rosy and clean. You will see multiple views caught from the camera. You will see them peeing on bird’s eye view, side view and front view while pissing. There are over than 50 videos that are more or less than 2 minutes duration. See them as they take off their pants and let out their penises in front of you. You can watch them as they take a pee in front of you by streaming. Multiple video formats are available including Windows Media, Flash, and Mp4. For your evening pleasure, you can download these videos to your computer or mobile devices. Keep in mind that you need to be a member of the network. There are plenty of non-piss related extras such as defecating or just staying in the toilet for about a minute and rub or scratch their itchy rosy dicks. As noted, you will see horny twinkies that will jerk off. See them as they masturbate until they unload their manly warm juices while the camera is rolling. It’s a man’s gay’s toilet so, expect that it is going to be nasty yet pleasurable indeed. For horny girls out there, now you know why guys spent too much of their time in the toilet. The dick pissing pleasure is caught on different angles on the restroom. The camera shows the urine flowing from those reddish uncircumcised foreskins. The peeing is a nice view for homos and girls who like to see guys pissing. In addition, some of the guys will shake their willies, dry up their cocks with toilet paper and some will scratch their itchy balls. The site is a part of Czech Gave Network. It is a fresh gay network that only has three gay sites at the moment. These other Czech gay sites feature guys stripping down and tanning. All in all, the network offers over than 100 exclusive amateur gay scenes featuring slender innocent looking boys, hunky guys, and athletes showing their dicks to the public. The network includes numbers of gay bonus feeds like guys, barebacking, amateur hookups and Asians. As a member, you will get your unlimited access watching these hot guys peeing and defecating on streaming or downloads. All the scenes are highly exclusive and you will get your daily updates through email.

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Flicks & Boys

You will not get the same kind of views over and over again. Some videos include their faces but, you can easily determine that most of the guys are on their premature age because of their slender bodies. But there are also mature guys in their athletic and hunky bodies. Seeing their abs and bushes makes me so horny. I can say that some of them are jocks, guys with the attitude, your boy next door and twinkies. Of course, since they are peeing, there is no way seeing the dicks fully erected. Yet again, there is a certain video that a horny boy will milk his own dick. I would like to mention a guy wearing a jacket and take off is pants. I thought he is going to unload his fluids, but this time, he sits on the bowl and having a BM. Hold on, I guarantee you that the video does not include a human’s stool on the scene. But, you will see this guy as he get down to business and do his thing. You can see him defecating in different angles and you will see his delicious dick and balls. There’s another video that I love to watch and to tell you honestly I download this one to my mobile phone. This hot guy is a slender innocent looking twink. I can tell you that this guy is in a hurry. After he unzips his zipper, he quickly let out his dick and his urine flow. After few seconds, he will shake his dick and try to keep it dry and go. His foreskin is rosy and I can almost smell those balls. How I wish to lick and suck his dick until it spewed right to my face. This guy is a cutie and I would love to see him pissing over and over again.

In Few Words

There you have it my fellow friends of Dorothy. The Czech Gay Toilets delivers hot amateurs from Czech guys pissing, having a BM and masturbating inside the toilet seat. The videos are of good quality and the bonus content is amazing. That being said, this is not your typical gay site that features hard dicks penetrating to gay’s asses. These scenes will be your appetizer when feeling horny at night. The network also features hardcore gay actions that you will surely enjoy.

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