There are plenty of websites under the Czech AV Network and each of them deals with new and unheard concepts for you to enjoy. Among one of those sites, the Czech Taxi is one such portal. Here it is all about the adventures of a charming dude who from the exterior seems like a regular taxi driver. But only when he sets his sights on a beautiful woman is when his inner naughtiness comes to the fore front. He moves in towards a girl and offers then a cost effective ride to her destination. Needless to say, the guy prospers in enticing her into tilting him with some erotic sex in the back seat. Watching the action you are sure to believe that being a taxi driver is the best job in the world. The content in the site is unique and will prove to something which you have never seen before. The girls whom this guy seduces are great in their appearance. They may not appear as glamorous as some of the porn chicks whom you will be accustomed to, but they sure do look good in the videos and most importantly they sure know how to play with cocks and generate romance of the highest order. Everything will appear to be at the tip of your fingers. The guy whom you will see in all of the videos is quite a smooth talker. There will be a lot of chit chatting taking place and watching the action you will definitely give you some ideas about how to pick some girls in the Czech Republic region. However we do not know how much you will be successful, but the guy always makes sure that he ends up banging them. The entire action is captured secretly with hidden cameras which are placed inside the car and the girls who get thrashed between their legs; they have no idea that the entire thing is being recorded, which in turn gives it an thought-provoking voyeuristic spin to the entire thing. The website is not very old and this is evident with the lesser number of videos which are present inside. When I checked out I found that there was something like about 10+ videos to enjoy. However the present number, I believe is 15-20 videos and zero picture gallery to download as well as view as slide shows. However the site does not compromise on quality and whatever they have in their arsenal will definitely make you horny and sexcited. The download speed of the site is also impressive and there no restrictions for it also. You will find the videos available in MP4, WMV as well as MOV formats in terms of downloads, plus you can also stream them in the site’s flash player and enjoy it in 1280x720p HD formats. One of the bumper benefits of the site is that setting up a membership here also gives you a chance to access about 19+ sites which are present within the Czech AV Network. Let us check out some of the other mind boggling facts about the site such as the design, the compatibility with some of the popular operating systems in the realm and also how to get a membership account. So keep on reading, there is still plenty left to discuss.


The site comprises of a simple design and when you enter into its main page, you will find that most of the important information as well as the accessing tools are given at the head of the page. The site is quite adequate in responding to the clicks and requests which you make and you will find that when you the options to check out the different pages of the site. There is also an eye pleasing banner right at the top and also a brief description which will give you a sufficable idea about what the site is all about. There is a free tour which is on offer and using that you can take a round at the content present in the different pages. The video previews are accompanied by some relevant pictures as well as a synopsis which will fill you in about the video. The impressive streaming speed enables the videos to play without much buffering but if you want to watch the complete action then you will have to become one of its affiliates. The steps to become one are very simple and all it needs is your name, your email address, a suitable username and a password. As you have provided all that you will also need to select a subscription which is suitable for your pockets. Just send out the request and if the confirmation states that the account has been properly set up, then you can start to access all the content of this site as well as the bonus ones also without any issues. The security of the site is also very good and will protect whatever details you have given to the site. The payment has to be carried out using credit/debit cards and also cheque and is some issues do pop up, there is the customer care help desk which you can always count on.

Good paid adult site with czech girls fucked in a taxi

Flicks & Chicks

The girls who feature in the videos are real amateur European chicks and they get seduced by this guy who offers them a free or cost effective ride to their meant destination. The fucking takes place at the back seat of the car and all of it is captured with hidden cameras. The resolution is still great and makes way for wonderful viewing both online as well as offline. The lengths of the action are also of decent lengths and will give you ample chance to stimulate yourself. Some of the bonus sites which are offered in the packages are Czech lesbian, Czech Gang bang, Czech Streets, Czech Sharking, Czech amateur, Czech Pool, Czech Mega Swingers and many more. The updates take place every week and this is not for this site only but also for the bonus sites in the realm.

In Few Words

The site Czech Taxi is a great place for amateur porn browsers. The action is superb and the updates are constant. The girls are also great in their looks and they definitely know how to generate romance. Hence it does makes way for great value for money.

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