When I first came across Fake Hub, I thought it was a site where girls pretended to be married to (fake husbands), and they would have sex with them and record everything down. However, I was very wrong. Fake Hub is the center of a bunch of networks that mainly deal with reality porn. Some of the sites found on this network include Fake Taxi, Fake Hospital, Fake Agent, Female Agent, Public Agent, Fake Agent UK and Fake cop. For example, on the Fake Cop website, a girl will be approached by a cop in uniform, and she will be coerced to have sex with him to escape an arrest.

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The layout of the page has done an excellent job in marketing the contents of the page. For example, when you access the site for the first time as a visitor, you will be able to see tons of thumbnails of the videos and the images. These thumbnails help new visitors on the site in making the decision whether to sign up and pay the membership fee or not.

Also, another feature that the site has is the customer support section. Below the homepage and the member’s page area, there is an icon written in orange, customer support. In case you have an annoying issue about any aspects of the site you can be able to contact the support team. They will help you with all your technical queries, membership questions and much more.

When you click on the store, you can see all the merchandise that the site sells. There are so many goodies on offer such as hoodies, t-shirts, car stickers, beanie hats and polo shirts. At the far top right, there is also a search box. You can use the search box to filter all the content of the page. For example, if you are searching for a video that has a model in stockings, all you have to do is to type stockings in the search box, and all the videos, photo galleries and models featured in that category will appear. You do not have to browse through all the pages.

Flicks & Chicks

Most of these girls have a natural look. By natural, I mean that they have natural perky boobs and a natural firm ass. When it comes to the body types, most of the models are medium sized. However, there are few big bodied women and also slim girls. They are also of the right age. You cannot miss MILFs as well. When it comes to their ethnicities, most of the girls are Caucasians.

You will come across lesbian scenes, anal, hardcore fucking, blowjob scenes, golden showers, pegging, doggy style, outdoor sex and much more. These scenes are mainly shot POV style. You get to feel the presence of the models as you watch the videos. At Fake Hub, you are also allowed to comment and rate the videos. As a member, you also get the chance to store all your favorite videos and images in the favorites section, and you can be able to access them each time that you please.

In Few Words

Cheap is expensive; everyone knows that. However, that is not the case at Fake Hub. The number of models on the site is very impressive, and so are the videos. The quality is also splendid. Take your time to go through this network, and you will not regret it.

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