Before you can even think about getting this site, there is a long warning telling you how they keep non-­adults from entering the site. They are quite serious about it, and they list stuff like RTA label, and safesurf. The way all this works is that the site is labeled as being for adults only and various filters have been put up so that if anyone has some sort of parental tool on their computer, which by the way is given to parents absolutely for free, then there is no way that a non-­adult is going to see this stuff, but the adult who owns the parental tool is going to be able to rest easy about non-­adults seeing porn!

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The initial page opens up to some thoroughly incredible pictures. They are there one after another of some of the most salacious pictures we’ve seen in a long time! ! No, good lookers does not do justice to these girls, for they are absolutely stunning! If you are a fan of camel toes you will find a lot to see here too. The videos are going to be stupendous, we can tell from all these pictures that they really will be completely stupendous. OK, onto the premise since many of you are probably wondering about the site’s name.

Yes, this is one of those sites where the guy was done wrong by some skanky girlfriend, and he’s taken all the videos and pictures of said ex girlfriend and he’s sent it to the producers of this site, and now she’s being remembered for doing him wrong because her pictures and videos that she thought were going to remain private as hell are now being seen by everyone and his brother online!

Well, ok that’s the premise they want us to believe then, how’s that? Yes, we are all aware that if this stuff were indeed videotaped by “just” people that they would not be in Hi-Def, nor would the videos all be conveyed by professional looking pictures either. However it does make for really good fantasies, right? On the other hand, when you are inside the site, you will find that there is a plea for guys to turn in their old girlfriends’ videos and pictures and they will actually receive money for having done so. That makes the site even more palatable, now doesn’t it?

Flicks & Chicks

Being on the inside of this site means that we are going to get a first hand look at these cuties. Damn all these girls go beyond what I had envisioned would be on this site! Over and over again, my tongue hangs out and my imagination is totally running away with me, just as yours will.

After all they have girls all dressed up in academy uniforms that are sexy as all get out with white shirts and short plaid skirts who even raise their skirts so that we can look at their camel toes outlined by the pure white cotton undies they wear. Of course there are pictures and videos of said academy girls bending over in those short skirts so that we get yet another view of those cotton undies caressing those great maidenly parts.

Still inside this site, we absolutely cannot leave out the fucking fantastic lesbian stuff they have allowed us to drool over either. The black shows off those toned white bodies so well that we can see every muscle these girls have, and they are using those muscles to tease each other by slowly caressing the others’ body in gentle sensual touches that are causing each girl to begin to breathe harder and harder. Now visualize this, their bodies are starting to undulate with hips moving back and forth in amazing sexual need. The girls are deeply soul kissing, and we can see tongues fencing with each other glistening with the warm saliva. Their eyes are closed as they kiss to be able to feel better those caresses that each is giving the other. The panties that guarded those shaven lips against entry by the other girl are finally tossed aside and fingers can now enter inside the proffered pussy of each to bring soon to be ecstatic pleasure. But, even with these hot lesbian encounters you are going to want more diversification in your porn, and we know that, thus we moved on to see what else this site is offering.

In Few Words

This site is brought to you via the GF Network. They have kindly offered you their 13 other sites for joining this one. These include Snap Leaks, Dare Dorm, Black GFs, Crazy Asian GFs and also Horny Birds. Cost is exceptionally low too. A look see lasting 2 days is available for $1.00. A one month excursion into this hot, hot site will run you $29.99. But, if you want to have nightly rub outs you might wish for three months instead for $19.99 per month. Finally you say you are really horny and thus want to have a year to enjoy this site, which will cost you only $9.99 per month.

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