There are a lot of different fetishes out there, and a lot of them have to do with occupations that women often have. You have air hostess fetishes, you have nurse fetishes, the teacher fetish, even the businesswoman fetish. Each one of these fetishes taps into an important part of the mind, you feel a power dynamic within your relationships to these women and want to be able to exploit that within your fantasies. However, there is one occupation that a lot of people tend to ignore for some reason, and that is the fetish of the massage girl.

Just think about it, these girls are basically there to make you feel good. Their hands are on you already, making you feel nice and relaxed, and getting hard while you are getting a massage is fairly common, to the extent that a lot of massage girls out there might be offended if you don’t get hard or they might feel like they have not done a good enough job of relaxing you. If the massage girl makes you cum, that is the perfect relaxation right there! You are able to enjoy yourself to the utmost potential of pleasure, and this is why the massage girl really should be a very important fetish, particularly in the world of porn.

However, in spite of the fact that massage girls can provide opportunities for a lot of very good porn, you just don’t get porn that has enough girls giving massages in them. There are certain porn videos out there that provide this kind of content, but they are not all that great. The acting in them is terrible, mostly because of the fact that these girls are usually given very bad scripts to work with. Because their scripts are not good, they end up having very boring sex with their partners. The sex may look good on camera, but because the girl is not feeling any real pleasure she ends up not giving you the sort of experience that you might be looking for.

A site called HappyEndingSpycam is looking to change all that. Not only does this site focus on massage girls getting it on with their clients, they put the focus on the girl getting horny and wanting to fuck rather than just the guy getting horny.

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As soon as you enter the site you see a bunch of very well organised thumbnails, text blocks that describe the content of each video as well as a personal picture of the girl in the video you are previewing. This gives you all the information that you could possibly need in order to decide whether you actually want to jerk off to that particular video or not.

This is quite important, because it solves one of the biggest problems in the world of porn. This problem has to do with the fact that you often spend a lot of time looking for the right porn video to watch. The reason for this is that you just don’t get enough information from the thumbnails and arrangement of the videos, while at the same time you get too much information. You get to see the previews of a lot of videos, but these previews don’t give you nearly enough information. You don’t know if the girl comes, you don’t know if she is dominant, you usually only have the title of the video to go with and that is usually not enough to help you decide. As a result, a lot of time is lost and you end up losing interest more often than not.

The best part of the design and layout of this site is that you are not going to have to spend that much time looking for the right porn video to watch. Instead of clicking on lots of links and skimming through each video, relying on trial and error to help you find the video that you will finally jerk off to, you can simply use the abundance of information already provided to you by this site’s very convenient layout.

Flicks & Chicks

The girls in these videos are absolutely perfect for the role. Many porn stars out there don’t enjoy the sex that they are having, and one important reason why this happens is that they just do it for the money.

However, these girls can often end up giving bad performances because of the aforementioned script issues. This site deals with this issue very well, in my opinion, by eliminating the script entirely. Instead of telling the girl what to do, the site puts the girl in a room with a hot guy, makes her massage him and films her. When the girl sees the guy’s rock hard cock, she is left wet and ready to fuck it all on her own. She initiates the sex and does it the way that she likes it. This is perfect, firstly because it results in a very natural performance that involves genuine pleasure on the girl’s part, and also because it leaves the creativity up to the girl.

In Few Words

This site offers some fantastic porn, but something that should truly seal the deal for you is the fact that it also is very affordable indeed. This is juxtaposed with the fact that the porn on this site is top notch in spite of the low price tag, making this site an absolute must subscribe for you.

“This website is no longer online, discover more massage porn pay sites!”

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