Before we embark on reviewing this, perhaps a definition of Gonzo needs to be done. We will contend only with gonzo porn, since we are indeed reviewing porn. Gonzo porn is basically a type of porn that was begun by John Stagliano. What he tried doing and apparently succeeded was to make the viewer feel as if he was directly in the scene. Apparently the way to accomplish this is to place the camera in such a position that it is actually in the action, which may require the participant in say a sexual act actually to be the one handling the camera. This is directly opposite the way that the camera is usually utilized, namely more or less as a spy on any given sex scene.


When you first come onto the site, you are asked to read a very interesting note from the makers of Perfect Gonzo to the effect of describing why they created Perfect Gonzo. The interesting portion of this note is that Perfect Gonzo came about because the creators grew tired of the BS being presented as great porn. They knew that they could themselves produce much better porn than what they were encountering. After all so many websites were passing off badly lit porn that featured skuzzy skanky girls all combined with very poor videography.

In addition to all of this, the general porn industry passed off lies after lies, and so these guys had enough of it. Instead of using skanky girls, they took beautiful models and even dressed them in lovely sexy clothing. They actually hand­‐picked the casts of each of their films. In addition they did this with the highest premier criteria possible. They bought the right equipment so that what they filmed would be of the highest superiority possible. They also took care to develop customer service that would actually solve problems, rather than cause them as so many other sites did. Finally they honed the billing procedures used so that no one had to worry about who they were giving important information to, and to make their membership one that did not carry all the scams that so many porn locations had.

Today they are the proud owners of a site that carries ten separate and unique websites. They update their sites twice a week, so that the membership does not suffer from any porn withdrawal. Thus they have amassed at last count 1,781 movies, and utilized 911 models. This has created 353,966 screenshots and 268,931 photographs!

Flicks & Chicks

The contents of their sites are also of the highest order possible, and let’s face it one of the areas that they have paid the most attention to is to hire fabulous models. Thus you will find some amazing names being featured in their movies. These are names such as Veronica Vanoza, Lora Row, Vinnie Pearl, Marina Visconti and also Jasmine Black. That does not mean that they utilize only well‐known names, for they have also discovered some truly amazing unknowns as well which we will refer to as sizzling hot amateurs for want of a better string of words.

They have also paid a tremendous amount of attention to what they have photographed as well as videographer too. The directors of each of their movies are careful to show what the audience wishes to see and not just what the director personally desires. This is why you will be seeing such things as some softcore that leads to tons of hardcore, as well as things such as cum swapping, squirting, lesbian sex acts, toys, cock sharing, rimjobs, titfucking, double penetration, tit-­fucking, fisting, ass to mouth, anal as well as vaginal creampies. As you can see the subjects are not only varied, but cover a huge amount of new things for you to see and eventually practice with your own lover. The fact that the models are all European means that they are more used to the strange doings of sex, and thus they are more apt to work with such contents as listed above without ever being squeamish about it as some Americans unfortunately are, especially when it comes to rim jobs as well as ass to mouth. Meanwhile it is we, the viewers, who reap all the rewards of this arrangement. We get to see stuff that we might not get to see ordinarily. This is but one of the reasons why the sites that are carried by Perfect Gonzo seem always to be rated the highest, and why they are definitely some of the highest visited by those of us who love really good porn.

This only goes to prove that even when speaking about porn that high quality is the one that’s going to make it. Numerous awards have also gone to Perfect Gonzo, thus we are not the only ones who realize what good porn is all about. In essence, they are the ones who are making good money too, and that’s always where it counts on the bottom line.

In Few Words

Those who are interested in joining Perfect Gonzo are always amazed at the service they are going to get as well as the low prices that are involved in getting your membership. They are offering you free sites numbering 10, including Give Me Pink, Prime Cups, Fist Flush, Cum For Cover, and also MILF Thing. Now, you will also be so very well surprised when you hear what this is going to cost you, for the people at Perfect Gonzo have really gone out of their way to make you an offer that you truly cannot refuse.

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