The main thing you have to know about the Private Casting X is that it offers a large collection of hardcore porn videos. These scenes all set up like they were actual interviews or castings – they claim that the girls responded to an advert for a music video modeling. The guy starts asking questions, and it soon becomes clear what exactly he wants to do. Yes, it’s a porn site, but it would be more realistic if some of the girls would rush out and slam the door behind them because this way it’s just plainly unbelievable. However, the scenes are really exciting.

When you start browsing the site, you may notice that it’s a part of the DirtyFlix network. Interesting though, that many sites of this network feature European porn, but the Private Casting X is an original American product. If you enlist to the Private Casting X, you automatically become a member of the network too, which means that you can access all scenes ever produced by these guys. There are three different niche-drive portals included in your membership; in case you enjoy watching amateurs and semi-professionals, you will surely like these movies the network’s sites offer. The Private Casting X is updated weekly – one video episode is added each week, but photos are not available. Every video is exclusive.

These are usually shot by the same guy, and he seems to be resourceful – every week he got a new girl to fuck. There is nothing for the site to be ashamed for, because most sites – including this one – launched in the last two-three years, so they are rather new, but with the update schedule always kept, they keep growing. Apart from the unique collection of these sites, you can enjoy a large selection of hardcore porn DVD too, and those 9000+ titles will keep you entertained.

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The home page of the Private Casting X looks good, and it follows the design concept of the DirtyFlix sites: there is a background – in this case, it’s a brick-like theme – and the whole page is about listing the videos with large thumbnails. On the top of the tour page, you can see the network statistics. Right now, you can find 500+ videos of 244 different cuties from the US and Europe. They also tell the date of the latest updates, which was five days ago – a new flick is bound to be uploaded soon. The date is not a fake one like those you can find on other sites (the kind that always shows the actual date, you know).

The tour is quite rich. The videos are listed with large thumbnails and a description. They are in descending order, starting from the latest. You can enjoy five trailers – though it’s based on IP address, so choose carefully. In the members’ zone, you will be at the hub of the DirtyFlix network; from the menu, you can reach out network-wide. The main menu will be on the top of the page, and you will be able to go the sites’ list; also to the pictures’ and the videos’ pages. A search bar is located next to the menu, which is capable of doing some basic search, based on keywords and it scans through titles and descriptions. As a member, you can download and stream the videos of the site. Though the FLV stream grants only a DVD-like quality, as you may have seen in the trailers, it’s still pretty good. Also, the playback is smooth, though it’s advised to let the videos buffer up before you start them, this way you can avoid lagging. Downloading the videos is possible in MP4 or WMV format. Both offer high-definition videos, up to 1920×1080 resolution.

Every video is uploaded with an attached picture gallery. These sets contain video captions only, but they are still rather exciting. Members of the Private Casting X will gain access to the mobile interface of the network sites, so you can enjoy your porn anywhere you like.

Flicks & Chicks

The girls here seem to be really genuine cuties. Though the site’s main niche is reality porn, these girls are so new, that it’s certain that you won’t recognize them. In case you like real American chicks with tight natural bodies, you will surely like the models of the Private Casting X. As far as ethnicities concerned, at this time, only Caucasian girls appear in the videos, though this could change at any time. It seems that the chicks these Tony guy fucks are really amateurs, however, they handle the cock and the situation pretty well, so it’s safe to assume that they have some prior experience in porn.

The scenes are set up like they were casual encounters by the guy and the girls; it also has to look like that the girls don’t know what they are going into. Each video starts with a short interview – the girls usually have to sit on a bed and answer some questions. They tell that they come for a music video interview, though it turns out that this guy isn’t a producer: he produces videos, but the girls’ moans are the music in them. What happens after the interview is expected: the girls masturbate a bit, suck a cock, and then get fucked in different positions.

In Few Words

The Private Casting X is a promising site. In case you have a crush on amateur or semi-professionals US citizens, you will surely enjoy watching these videos; also all hardcore porn fans will be satisfied with the site’s content. Fortunately, the girls may be amateurs, but the guys with the camera are not, and thus the quality is always guaranteed. Another important benefit of a membership on the Private Casting X is the fact that it provides network access and a whole lot of extra videos for you. You get a full network for the price of one site.

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