Passion at its finest can be found on the Internet, especially on porn sites, but, you have to be very vehement to actually find the sites that have content of the mentioned nature. There are a lot of sites that you should avoid, but this one, called Real Live Guys, is a site that you should definitely consider joining, and for more than one reason. Here you will get to see live shows, from some of the hottest guys on the Internet, guys that come in all shapes and sizes.

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Design and Features

The first thing that you will notice when you get to the site is that it is absolutely great. Now, that is a broad adjective, but what makes it so great, is not just the content, but in this case, a very good design. From the first moment, you will notice the superiority of the design, in details like the white background that does not distract from the important stuff, that stuff being highlighted with different colors.

The first thing that comes into notice is the logo, then below, the green menu bar with the essential buttons. Below, you get to see previews of the guys, their photos, the names of their channels, their ratings and most importantly, the short captions that describe their channels. With so much information at the start of your quest, you already know that the rest of the site will be just as great, though you would need to join to actually see the shows.

For a cheap fee, you get much more than just shows, things like good optimization, and a personal favorite of mine, great bandwidth. The site’s pages load like a charm and the shows have no lag at all, no matter the number of viewers, or the nature of the device from which the show is being watched, desktop or mobile. 

Girls and Videos

You have the option of viewing public shows, joining the group chats, or having a private show, where it will be just you and the guy or guys of your choice. With that in mind, you should know that there are many guys to choose from, as the site has over 15000 models. They are every bit as hot, and every bit as different, therefore, the categories are introduced. You can use them to narrow out the search, so that you can find the content that interests you the most, quicker.

With the option to favorite the guys that you like, you will be notified every time that they are online, even though you would have the choice of seeing more than 15 guys at one time, as there are always at least 15 online. With a good quality of the videos, HD, most of the time, and sometimes, even greater, you get to see the details of the scenes, and with so many guys and categories, the choice gets broader with every second you spend on the site.


If you are a fan of hot guys, the kinky things that they do in front of a camera, then Real Live Guys is the site for you. The hot dudes that you get to see are just the start of the fun that you get to have here, and being a member is its own reward, as the site never fails to deliver, and rightfully so, neither do the guys.

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