Retro-glamour has hit the web with a storm. This is the greatest of all lingerie sites. The owners have assembled a great deal of tantalizing porn pics for viewer’s incredible experience. Once you join the network, you will enjoy smoking hot women donning stunning lingerie. Allow me to reveal hands on experience in the lingerie-porn site. Sit down, unzip your pants, and get ready for a boner.


I really loved the design. The designers were very serious and dedicated on their impeccable work. This is the type of site layout that I am not used to come across. Very rare indeed. Retro-glamour spots a blue-green décor against which the classic content, which is normally a set of framed photos are laid. I can say this was a good color choice, very appealing. I tried playing the videos online and I was wowed by the response. Not only could I save the flicks at high speeds, but also I managed to stream the clips in HD format.

There are various download and streaming formats alternatives. The pics can be downloaded in zip sets. I saved a huge gallery of pics within a very short time, of which I had not anticipated. This serves to show the user as to the quality of the site beside content onsite. Moreover, Retro-glamour is optimized for mobile devices. The site fitted well on my smartphone as well as my iPad. I easily surfed through a number of scenes and also I could save media files without a glitch. Let us delve into the looks of the girls. Are your pants unzipped?

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Flicks & Chicks

Once you hit the join button, believe me you will always be glued on your screen. These girls have got bodies to die for. Do you get what I am saying? They are stunning and adorable; models I can hold a grenade for. Trust me I could. One thing you will notice is that these pretty women are exclusive to the site. I have never come across any of the beauties on any other porn site and that is a positive. The models come in their color, age, shape, and size. They are deniably diamonds on this lingerie smut community. There is huge mishmash of women here, for girls in their energetic and prime years to milfs who are ready to flash the treasure hidden beneath.

I saw a lot of erotic scenes. The hotties flaunting everything a man wishes to hold and feel every day. I know right! Tits, asses, and waistlines make males go crazy. The posing of the models is an exceptional entity. I could see the girls set out in cheek-to-cheek contact as they caress and stroke. There is some slight lesbian action to leave anticipating more sensual action. Camera work is spot on. The quality of both pics and vids is good. All media come in high resolution and crystal clear such that you can zero in the wide spread cherry and still get a crisp glimpse.

Pretty awesome, I guess. To add more spice to an already tantalizing dish, the girls appear completely unaware when the shutter is pressed. Some scenes that caught my eye, were where the retro bitches were snapped in their susceptible position while peeing, or even squatting as they go on with their day-to-day chores at home and in open spaces as well. More action is being rolled out frequently, don’t miss the action.

In Few Words

Lingerie men, I am speaking to you. This is your site, your home, your choice. Retro-glamour presents to you sneaky and teasing mistresses you will go to bed and dream of. You will be spoilt for choices when you visit Retro-glamour. With the massive assemblage of knickers, nylons, garters, and lingerie I bet your bucks will be put into optimum use.

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