If you’re a devoted tourist to the world of porn, you probably heard of Digital Playground. If not, Digital Playground is an American porn film making company that is situated in California. They have been known for their high quality and hardcore porn films thus the reason why they garnered over 300 prestigious awards including the 2012 XBIZ Awards Best Effect and 2012 AVN Awards Best Series.

Aside from these high-quality output, they are also widely patronized because of their alluring and well performing bombshells. One of them is a bombshell that goes by the screen name, Selena Rose. Selena Rose is a Cuban porn star who’s oozing with hotness and sex appeal. It cannot be denied that her popularity is soaring high to the top because of the warm support she’s receiving in this porn community. Thus the site, Selena Rose, was launched on 2013 to give her fans their regular dose of this sex goddess’ erotic films. Having such site is like a monument for our beloved sex icon. She definitely deserves it after all her good job in teasing and pleasing her audiences.

You don’t have to worry on the amount you paid because this site provides high quality videos and pictures. Aside from that, you will also have access to some other Digital Playground model’s site. Your membership will be worthwhile so it wouldn’t feel like you were just throwing away gold in the garbage. If you are welll into Latina beauties, you should definitely check into Selena Rose’s porn website – Selena Rose XXX.


The site is well designed. You will notice that the said porn site is really exclusively created for a superstar like Selena Rose. Her picture in a white bikini and high stiletto will welcome you in the site’s header. It looked like she’s waiting for you to hop into the mattress and the excitement to get into action can be seen in her face.

Aside from that, you can also read the features that you can get from the site such as the collection of hardcore videos, behind the scenes footage and a digital playground membership. All these texts can be found at the bottom of the header. Clicking any of these three will redirect you to the membership page if you’re not yet a member. Otherwise, there is a member’s login option at the upper right corner of the page for those who already have a subscription.

There are over 69 videos uploaded in the site already and each video is approximately 19 minutes long. The site allows streaming clear and crisp video. On the page you can see a video clip for the trailer, the full video, more information about the scene and helping tags for the video. Unfortunately, it does not have a download button to save the video in your device. On the brighter note, the pictures are also worth the feast. There are already over 69 galleries with 100 pictures each. When viewing the pictures in the site, the images are only at 375 x 562 pixels. For better viewing, it is better if downloaded as a ZIP file. In that way, the images will be stretched to a higher resolution.

For the bonus contents, Selena Rose also offers live cam and access to Digital Playground sites. The Selena Rose porn site belongs to the Individual Model, Porn star, hardcore sex ad Latina niches. Individual Model and the likes are somewhat popular to those who keep an eye on their favorite porn stars. This way they’ll be able to track their favorite stars in one repository. The Latina niche is also popular to those who prefer to lust over South American beauties with big boobs, big butt and beautiful complexion.

Flicks & Chicks

Selena Rose is undeniably good at seducing. Apart from her beautiful breast and thighs, she also has a face that completes the package. Her eyes honestly express how thirsty she is for sex or how pleased she is when reaching orgasm. Her lips match perfectly on her red lipstick which will definitely wet you off when she starts sliding her mouth up and down her partner’s shaft. Her long hair is also very alluring.

From the way she performs in front of the camera, one can say that Selena Rose is a professional. She can handle soft core, hardcore and some fetish scenes with perfection. Her moans also comes naturally and unrehearsed. Her videos do not only include repetitive banging but instead her scenes shifts to oral sex, spanking, gagging and cumshots. She is also very versatile as she’s also in the game for threesomes. She’s fierce, wild and adventurous at the same time as seen on her outdoor sex videos.

In Few Words

I would say that the first impression that you will see from the site already screams of the things that you can get from this site once you become a member. Selena Rose is an exceptional beauty and there’s no reason why you should not grab the opportunity to watch her sex escapades. I personally think that Selena Rose is the best site for those who are crazy over long-haired, slim, sexy and gorgeous ladies.

Although downloading the videos is not possible, once you become a member you can always come back to your favorite scenes easily. Overusing the replay button will not be an issue since the quality of the in-browser videos is excellent. Signing up for an account will be worth the money since you’ll not only be fed with sensual fucking but you’ll be able to see different other types. Moreover, you can be able to switch to different individual model sites. It would be like a buffet of hot and gorgeous cock suckers. This websites doesn’t exist anymore, take a look at Digital Playground.

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