ShadowLane is a name that sounds like something much more enticing than an adult site. Maybe a movie of sorts. However, you are about to learn that the combination of beautiful models and romantic art will lead you to the world full of pleasure in its best. While there aren’t many sites that focus on the spanking fetish, it is most definitely time that you diversified and changed your sexual preferences. Many people tend to write spanking off but not too fast… you can make an informed decision after fully reading this review.

As one of the newly established sites, ShadowLane proves that sex does not only come to you in one dimension. Honestly, the action on ShadowLane is too good to be true. Whether the models discipline each other in lesbian sexual encounters or submit to being displaced by mature men, you will always be at the edge of your seat waiting for more. The perversion on ShadowLane is out of this world. You will always want more. The spanking is done using hands or a couple of reinforcements like belts. It does not matter what your sexual preferences are, you will be not at the point of pleasure on this platform. The models on ShadowLane are amateurs but they conduct themselves professionally well. They know that their main job is to pleasure you while getting pleasured and they do not disappoint. Seduction and sexual appeal are what this site is all about.

Showing BDSM in its simplest and resist form, ShadowLane goes above and beyond to ensure that you understand the vision of entertainment and enjoyment that the site has for you. The site may not hold thousands of films but it has been able to build a collection of 280+ scenes and can equal a number of galleries. There is so much to talk about when it comes to this site’s quality. Each gallery has an average of 90+ pictures, giving you more eye candy than you could ever bargain for. Fortunately, there is no download limit as to the number of flicks that you can be able to enjoy in a single day.

ShadowLane is an adult site that has been brought to you by the PornPurveyorsNetwork. Being one of the newest networks on the block, it is interesting to find out what it holds. Signing up to ShadowLane lets you diversify and get bonus access to 4 other network sites. This can only mean one thing, you will be in for lots and lots of orgasms.

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Taking a tour through ShadowLane will leave you questioning your sexual preferences. First, you and catch a good glimpse of all the videos and you will only realise that they are easy to access as they are arranged systematically. The flicks are of good quality and clarity is consistent through and through. While you may not necessarily enjoy these videos in top notch HD, but there are no complaints that you will have about the level of viewing. Both downloads and streaming are available options in accessing the films. WMV and MP4 are your best download bets. All of the flicks last for an average of ten minutes and as for the nature of the action that you will get, this is enough time as the site does not want to overdo it.

The pages load quickly and you do not have to wait for a long member of hours to you to be able to enjoy the videos. Members of the site can leave a comment and rate the scenes accordingly. The photo sets are of high resolution as well. The site’s upload schedule is one that is inconsistent but there are many new things to enjoy from time to time.

Flicks & Chicks

The hotties on ShadowLane are a mix of Milfs and fresh faces. They are nerds, geeks and downright horny girls who cannot help but yet into trouble every once in a while. It does not matter whether they are in the library, in the comfort of their living rooms or bedrooms, they get rid of their panties when necessary. The spanks that they receive on their asses certainly leave them with marks that will remind them of how controversially their sexual encounters started. Of course, their butts instantly turn red as they get a beating using reinforcements such as rulers or belts. Sometimes, they got spanked using bare hands. They do not complain and they withstand this, maybe because they know the kind of satisfaction that will follow.

The faces that you will always remember include those of Violet October, Angel Black, Nikki Rouge and Erica Scott. On the new model roster list, you will be excited to see newbies like Virginia Lewis, Kailee, Miranda Fay and Milfs like Mia Moan and Helen Carr. The models do not all go crazy for cocks, most of the encounters on ShadowLane show them getting down and dirty with fellow pussies. Once they get spanked, they have all manner of sex toys inserted into their assholes, in efforts to try out all versions of sexual experiments that come with anal sex. When there aren’t any sex toys around, fingers do the walking and we cannot complain. At times, models like Erica Scott will show you what it means to get fucked senseless by a man while the others do not choose when it comes to getting naughty with mature women.

In Few Words

If you have been looking for some good spanking action, this is the adult site for you. The mix of sexual action is great for diversity and the geniuses of the action will leave you glued to screen. All of the models are amateurs but they know how to hold their ‘queendom’ down. The site brings you nothing but the best at all times signup in order not to miss out on the action.

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