She is Nerdy is the kind of site that will make many men happy. I don’t know if you notice, but in the last several years, we tend to like the nerd culture more and more. It was just normal that many of us start having some really kinky fantasies that include nerdy girls. That’s why Dirty Flix, a highly respected and appreciated porn producing network, has launched She is Nerdy, which has a collection of book worms and geeky sluts, who are enjoying the dick. The site was launched in 2010 and it became a massive hit.  It’s not a site that has a large porn data base, but a limited collection of high quality role play action that will surely satisfy you.


Whenever you want to join a porn site, make sure that the site itself is worthy of your time, not just the collection. Of course that the collection is important, but why joining a site if whenever you’ll want to watch a movie, the tons of advertisements, slow loading pages and eternal buffering will make you lose all your temper and put you out of the right mood for enjoying porn. With She is Nerdy, none of those things will happen. You will get access to a super clean and well organized website, free of advertisement, which will load fast and will stream the movies with no buffering. The site can be access from lots of devices, including computers, smartphones, iPods, tablets or PSPs. As long as you have internet connection, you will be able to watch this naughty collection on the go. The online streaming is done through a Flash Player which offers multiple quality options, the possibility to skip ahead immediately, a voting function based on like/dislike button and a comment section. You can also add a video to your favorites list and have it saved in your computer for offline enjoyment. The browsing of the collection goes smoothly, because of the many filters and search tools put at your disposal. However, there’s no advanced search function, but the browsing features available at the moment are more than enough to assure that you will find what you’re looking for.

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Flicks & Chicks

I don’t want to oversell this site, but their collection is awesome. It touched a theme we all want and the kind of chicks used in their videos are perfect for the kind of fantasy fulfilled on the site. More than the fact that She is Nerdy featured nerd porn, they put glasses on all models, which makes them both more geeky and hotter. I don’t know what’s up with men and glasses, but we fund them super kinky. Besides glasses, the action features all kinds of kinks and elements from several porn categories. The most popular are blowjobs and cumshots on glasses, but you will also be enchanted by feet play, anal sex and great acting from the porn stars. However, all movies of this collection are straight forward one-on-one sex, with no threesomes, lesbian scenes or solo play. No toys are used in these movies and there’s no dirty talk. After all, these chicks are supposed to be nerds, aren’t they? At the moment, the collection features 25+ episodes. Each episode comes with a 20-25 minutes video and a photo gallery of 70-100 images. The collection will surely grow in the future, but the updates are infrequent. You will love the chicks of this site. They are really kinky and all they want is to have a good time in front of the camera. Although each of them is a huge nerd, that doesn’t mean they don’t know how to get it on. I don’t know where they learn all those sex tricks and moves, since they spend all day with their nose buried in books and eyes locked on computer screens, but I enjoy the results. The models featured in this network are not older than 24, so you’re in for some real chicks. The site has a model index where they feature all chicks who performed in these movies. Since there are 25 one-on-one porn movies and no movie has more than one girl, the model crew of this site counts 25 chicks. All of them are white nerds, great looking, with small and medium, free of tattoos and piercings. These models are the type of good girls who left their hometown and found out that they like sucking cocks as much as they like video games and studying. Even if the diversity is lacking, the model base of She is Nerdy is still a good one.

In Few Words

As you could see, the collection of the site is small, but the network makes is up through full pass to all of their collections. They have porn on all kinds of kinky fantasies and desires, such as an entire site for chicks with glasses (Fucking Glasses), a fake modeling agent who ends up banging wannabe models (Tricky Agent) or an XXX casting collection (Private Casting X). All these can be yours if you choose to become a member of the site tonight. If you are not sure you want to commit yet, don’t worry. All you have to do to convince yourself that this site is worthy is to buy the trial membership. This costs only $1.95 and offers a day of access on both She is Nerdy and the rest of the Dirty Flix network. If you choose this offer, you won’t have to worry about finding a good porn source ever again. Enjoy!

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