Have you ever been to California? The Golden State? For those who have, did you notice that the girls there are just freaking hot? Man, when our team last went there, we didn’t know what to do. We tried to be suave but these chicks are just so pretty that they knocked us all out of focus – and threw us out of our game. We are not going to be surprised if you went through the same experience as well. It’s not that they would turn us down (because we know of very special ladies there who are game for anything!) but they just took our breath away every single time. If you haven’t been to SoCal though, then that’s fine. In fact, this review is especially for you – for those who would want to experience the hotness of the Golden State without having to leave the house. Yes, that’s right. We are talking about a porn site solely dedicated to the beauty of California. The porn site’s name is SoCal Porn Sluts. We are especially fond of the porn site’s tagline, so let us mention it here because we think that it totally represents the offers of the site. “In Southern California, porn isn’t just a job, it’s a way of life for these hot sluts!” SoCal Porn Sluts is affiliated with the big porn network GF Network. And though this porn network specializes in featuring user-submitted amateur porn, the SoCal Porn Sluts website assures us that all of the porn stars and videos are professional. In fact, you might even recognize some of the porn stars within their site because some of them are famous in the industry. But let us talk about girls a little later. Let us focus on the main aspects of the site for now. You might be wondering about the membership options already, so let us go on with it. There are only two options: a one-month option and a three-month option. However, for those who would want to take a closer look at the porn site first then you may avail of their one-day trial membership option for a very minimal fee. Also, joining the site will give you full access to the more than ten porn sites in the network as well. So it would be like paying for access to a single porn site, but getting access to fifteen sites more. Not too bad, eh?


All we can say about their website design and the look of their entire porn site is that they sure love their girls so much. In fact, upon landing on the homepage, you will soon realize that you are not going to see anything else! And that is totally fine by us, because boy, their girls are sure pretty. The first thing that you are going to see in the porn site is their welcome banner. On the banner is a collage of the different pictures of their porn stars, along with the logo of SoCal Porn Sluts. Of course, an invitation to sign-up for membership is on the banner as well. Anyway, upon scrolling down, you will see the thumbnails of their latest videos below the banner. These thumbnails are very simple with limited information. It doesn’t even have the video’s title. All it contains is a screenshot of the video and a link to download it. We are very impressed with the thumbnails though as you can already see the “super high definition” technology that the porn site is proud of. All the images are clear and crisp. They are very saturated as well. You will see that a lot of good equipment and lighting have been used in the creation of these videos.

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Flicks & Chicks

And now we have finally arrived in our most favorite part of this review – the girls! First of all, we would like to give SoCal Porn Sluts a big thumbs up for featuring some of the most famous porn stars in the region. These big names are Brandi Edwards, Cassandra Calogera, Samantha Ray, and so much more! In fact, we are sure that you will be able to recognize a lot of the faces that you are going to see here in the porn site, which made us realize that the ladies in Southern California sure have contributed a lot to our present porn industry. Without them, the porn that we get to enjoy today might not be as great as it is. We also like the fact that they did not restrict their girls to just one type. Sure, all the girls here are from Southern California but that’s it. They can be blondes, brunettes, big-boobed, long-legged and more! Finally, we appreciate that all of their girls are professionals. You rarely see that on a porn site. Of course, other porn sites have veteran porn stars as well, but this porn site ensures that all of their porn stars are well-experienced before getting them. But don’t get it wrong. Even if SoCal Porn Sluts hire famous porn stars, and that all of their faces might look familiar, all of their videos are still exclusive to the porn site. Hence, you would not be able to find these videos elsewhere but here.

In Few Words

In the end, we like to extend our thanks to the porn network that has worked for the creation of this porn site. It is about time that a porn site is dedicated to featuring only SoCal girls. They totally deserve the honor. With this site, it will be a lot easier for us and more convenient to witness and experience the awesome SoCal. We might not have the means and guts to travel there every single day, mingling with the hotties, but we have this site to log on to every time we feel like doing so.

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