Playful women with many sex toys and a desire to please, is what this site has to offer. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the studio productions as much as every guy out there, but there’s something about interacting live with ladies while they’re pleasuring themselves that makes the experience much more exciting. That’s why you have to check Teenlivecamfun out.

Nice hd adult website if you want to watch hot live shows


While this is a totally different service than what most porn sites offer, there are many similarities regarding design and features. A search function is available that allows users to browse through content by certain categories or scenarios.

Most cam thumbnails show the model and not much else. Some of them are updated with screens taken from the live show itself, and some of them use something of a profile picture. Descriptions and information about the women, apart from their usernames, are not usually available until accessing a cam however; there will be ratings on every thumbnail and a label that indicates if the stream is shot in HD or SD quality. This can help members choose the right room, based on their internet connection.

The playback seems to be smooth enough even on the more populated rooms. The mobile experience is not the greatest, but that is to be expected when you have to deal with a chat room interface.

Flicks & Chicks

It should be clear by now that the site doesn’t feature any professional models. While they may be extremely good at their job, they are in fact amateurs. Having women not involved in the industry in the sense of movie productions, feels like a breath of fresh air for me. These models are from all over the world, so you can imagine the diversity the site provides.

Almost all of the streams are shot in HD. The cams that don’t offer this level off quality will usually display an SD label or they simply won’t have the HD one on their thumbnails. So far I am more than satisfied with the streaming. There is also a full-screen option in all the chat rooms. This is a good way to block the other users out. You wouldn’t want to be distracted by the thoughts of some other members wanting to share. Of course, a personal one on one session can be arranged. There is also the option to have phone sex with some of the models.

Becoming a member is easy enough. You simply need to fill your details in the registration form and submit it. I didn’t see anything like membership plans or anything like that on this site. Subscribe once and you’re free to come back whenever you like, and you will, trust me, for as long as the website exists. Members also enjoy access to more cam sisters sites with a single pass. There’s nothing new here, as it is pretty common for many sites to offer such a feature.

In Few Words

There are so many categories and women to choose from that it’s hard for me to believe this won’t become a favorite among many. The bonus feature and the phone sex makes this site really rare to equalize. In my opinion, this alone should earn the site more rating points than anything else. All these perks, combined with very smooth playback have made me a fan of cam sites again.

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