Tgirls is a very dedicated and quality website that brings transsexual girls fantasies to life. Their content is focused exclusively on transsexual girls that enjoy each other’s company in a genuine and refreshing way. This different approach on girl on girl is what makes Tgirls special and a favorite in the category of LGBT erotica.


The website is colorful, but not tasteless. With a background of dark grey and purple, Tgirls is keeping it simple and classy. The white font is not tiring for the eyes and everything has a pretty professional feel to it. It is also not very clustered, as the categories you can click on are limited: Models and updates. You won’t find a lot of categories and links crammed together, because Tgirls doesn’t offer access to a huge amount of websites, they want to stand out on their own. The website works based on “updates”, which means that every week new content is added. This way, it is easier to make users feel a connection to their services, as you will not be bombarded by tons of content that you don’t want to see anyway. Ever thoughtful, Tgirls has only the best in store for their members, because, after testing the site on different phones, I saw that it is true what they say about it running smoothly on all devices. The homepage is filled with screenshots of their weekly updates.

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Flicks & Chicks

This site will quickly become more and more popular, because of all the advantages they offer their members, such as inexpensive and convenient fees, but more importantly, the option the Tgirls members have to download photo sets and videos instead of just streaming them. The download option means that you can have your favorite scenes directly in your computer, to be handy whenever you need it even if you don’t have an internet connection. It also means that you only have to go on the website to check out their updates, not every time you want to watch one of their older videos. Tgirls films their videos in full HD and overall the scenes look quite professional, even though the environment is kept basic. Backgrounds look clean and modern and they are not taking anything away from the action between their girls.
Browsing through the gallery I saw that the models have very distinctive looks and different body types, which is great. They also look very real and friendly and the smiles that they display throughout the gallery look sincere.
Tgirls is searching for their own models and they are exclusive. They also highly stress the fact that, in their personal lives, all the models are indeed interested in other transsexual girls. The fact that real, unaltered attraction is working its magic is what really makes Tgirls stand out from all the other similar websites. Girl on girl action is always hot and the Tgirls team know that, which is why they don’t add all sorts of crazy stuff: you can find the usual anal, blow jobs, hand jobs and licking, because that is what the trans girls want to do, and they do it as hardcore or as weird as they feel like in the moment.

In Few Words

TGirls is one of the best transsexual websites on the Internet. The hot girl on girl action is made even better by the feeling of true intimacy. Just like they say, their videos are really made with love and respect and a lot of spice.

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