All of GFs is an amateur porn site with many home-made porn movies for you to enjoy. This does not mean that the quality is inferior even if it had not been professionally produced. On the contrary. But one thing is for sure, these budding porn stars and their camera men are having the times of their lives. The site is filled with videos and pictures of all the niches you can think of – Lesbian acts, threesomes, orgies; you name it and it will appear on the site or one of the network sites. Amateur websites like All of GFs have a definite place in the porn community. Those who watch and love porn are those who want to take part in it and many of them want to film their efforts. They want to act out their fantasies. Furthermore, there is no better porn star than a man’s own girlfriend. Since All of

Furthermore, there is no better porn star than a man’s own girlfriend. Since All of GFs is an amateur website, you might be expecting an advertisement or two but there aren’t any. You can easily navigate from the landing page to the real stuff. There are 14network sites with regular updates and you only have to subscribe once to gain access to all 14 network sites i.e. one pass for complete network access. The amateur community has lots of time to play and produce, so fresh work is to be expected. The Network sites include “Hot Porn with Marvelous Indian GFs”, “Asian Chicks’ Sex Videos” and “GFs Porn Scenes with Sex Toys.” In the last one mentioned vibrators feature prominently but other kinds of toys are also used. They feel free to experiment as much as they please.

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All of GFs has a layout style that is easy to navigate, just scroll down until you reach the site of your choice then click on the link – it is as easy as that. Once there, you will have to be able to sign in to gain entry. Alternatively, if you are already a member, the login is at the top right, so you can get straight to it. Maybe you have your own scenario in mind as you surf through all the pages and look at the chicks. It is easy to be inspired by these amateurs. The site offers unlimited

The site offers unlimited downloads in MP4 video format and streaming can also be done. There are plenty of photos as can be expected, and you can download them as well.

Flicks & Chicks

The chicks who appear in All of GFs are all amateurs making their own videos; they have their pictures taken by boyfriends or friends or otherwise they do selfies. Selfies have become very popular with the advent of the cellphone and that is all many people need to capture an act or two. The people who appear on All of GFs are active and attractive and exciting to watch. What you will see on All of GFs are new and fresh faces and bodies. The known models and porn stars are loved for a reason – they know how to get the juices flowing and how to draw you in with their pretty faces and lovely bodies. It is however good to see new faces and that you will get in abundance on AllofGFs and their network sites.

In “Hardcore porn with sexy black GFs”, the ebony beauties get going with themselves and with others and they are not shy to show everything. The “Explosive self shot photos Community” is as the title suggests all about the girls themselves and the selfies they take when they are busy playing with themselves. The photos are all explicit, as you would expect, giving credence to the word “explosive.” The site All of GFs boats in the vicinity of 8000 videos; these you can stream or download as you prefer. Full movies are also on the site. “Blowjobs and anal videos” is a collection of videos with chicks and their toys. As the title suggests, the videos are about anal sex and/or anal with toys in the ass. There is a variety of good blows to boot. Pictures accompany the name and description of the video set and you will get a good idea of what to expect.

The chicks from the amateur site All of GFs are volunteers and the videos are of their own making. Even so they certainly know how to put it together. If you have a passion for something, you spend time learning about it and getting to know how to do it. And that is what the Allofgls is all about – chicks doing what they love best. European and Ebony chicks feature in various video segments and they all have their own styles and niche preferences – all good viewing pleasure.

In Few Words

The look and feel of the site is good and navigation is easy. There are no fancy tricks to hinder you from gaining access and start surfing. This makes for quick selections, either for specific videos or for specific sub-sites or for chicks. It gets you to the point of viewing quickly and effectively. And let’s face it, it is all about the viewing and the scanning and the finding of pics and videos that appeal to you. There is a specific place for self-shot porn in the world of porn. Not only because it brings a fresh approach but also because porn lovers want to get into the act themselves and this gives them the opportunity to do so. This they can do either by submitting their own videos and photos or by watching other amateurs getting it done.

On the sites of All of GFs, the girls get in to various acts and there are a variety of ethnicities, niches and styles. You will find blonds, red-heads, brunettes and dark-haired chicks; they differ in height and weight; they have different size tits; they are shaved, trimmed or not and they enjoy their various niches. The joining of the site is easy to do; just follow the instruction on the main page.

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