Andrew Blake is a site dedicated to the work of a porn-visionary director and cinematographer, Andrew Blake . The dark, yet erotic videos of the porn-master are certainly exciting, and with the heavy niches they cover the site is one of those that are recommended for all porn fans. With the amazingly cute models, and their nasty love-making the videos will awake you from your bored states, and make you want more. No matter if you like teaser videos of solo models, hardcore lesbian sex or straight sex, the site have something in store for you and you can take it for granted. The site has been updating regularly for more than twelve years now, and though there were gaps in the past, during the time of this review, at least one video is added every 2 or three days; usually 2 clips are guaranteed each week.

All amazing videos of the site are exclusive in the aspect of online publishing, though they are all available on physical DVDs. As time passes, usually almost all scenes of a movie are added, but if you can’t wait, you can order the DVDs from the site’s store. Right now, there are no additional bonuses on the site; at least extra videos are not available. Good news is though that they have been developing a VoD service to implement on the site, which will probably get you access to the full videos, for a better price than buying the DVDs. The quality of the videos is superb, and you will find them to be that, even if you inspect them in multiple aspects: the sex, the girls and the whole setup and style of the videos are excellent.


Fortunately, the site has a modern design, and you won’t really see that it’s so old. Large pictures are all over the place, and there is a big slideshow which plays seconds from several videos. Though there is no sound on it, it’s still very arousing. The thumbnails listed on the page link to the videos, but if you are just a visitor, you can only watch the trailer of the site. No matter which picture you click on, you get the same trailer. On the inside, the layout won’t change much, but you can actually start watching the videos, and browse the galleries. Also, the boutique store and the DVD store are available. Next to the logo of the site they placed an icon of magnifying glass – this is the link to the search engine.

The Andrew Blake is a streaming-only page. This means that no matter how badly you want, you can only enjoy the videos in your browser. As most of the streaming pages, this one doesn’t make you to settle with lower quality, and if a video is in HD, you get it in HD. A Flash-player is embedded in the members’ area, and it’s used to play the FLV stream of the clips. As for the overall quality, you will see that it’s really smooth. All picture sets are available for in-browser viewing.

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Flicks & Chicks

Andrew Blake makes his videos with care; he endeavors to make them erotic, passionate and sexually arousing. Not in the way of the heavy porn of the mainstream studios, but in a much seductive, arousing way. To make it possible, he mostly works with professionals, but there is a twist in the story. These models are all cute, and they are certainly professionals. However, at least 95% of them are not a faker: almost every model that appears in the videos of Andrew Blake is a natural beauty. Nice medium and large breasts can be found, that’s not an issue, but these look wonderful, and they have that natural beauty that the fakes don’t. Most girls you can find in the models’ list of the site are Caucasians.

There are a few Asian models, but apart from them, other ethnicities are not represented here. Nonetheless, these models are really gorgeous. You will also see that the women appearing here are usually grown-up types: they come from the age-range of 25-40, so you can find here some very hot MILF-like girls, just as those neat cuties from the under-thirty ages. You will probably find that the girls might do nasty, hardcore things, but they are all quite glamorous, and their beauty alone is enough to make men lose their mind. Wonderful shapes, sexy moans are what make them to be topics of worship. When you start watching the videos be ready for some shifting, leaning camera views, and Mr. Blake uses lots of filters, so the colors might look different. Most of the videos are full movies, with a kind of story written to them, but the most important things in them are the sex and the stylish capturing.

There are solo scenes, where the girls simply masturbate, but the style makes these scenes also quite astounding. Hardcore videos are featured too, and in these you can enjoy not just sex, but most of them have some fetish elements in them. This is true for the lesbian scenarios, where the girls make hard love, and they use different accessories on each other.

In Few Words

Andrew Blake might be a visionary, and his site is very hot, however, it does have some room to improve. The first thing that they should make possible is the downloading of the scenes, if it were possible, the site would always get much higher rates, because the content is simply amazing. Nevertheless, it’s still worth joining, especially if you are tired of the mainstream porn videos, and you are looking for something different. The scenes of the Andrew Blake are good, the girls are gorgeous, and the constant updates keep the site interesting and worthwhile.

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