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The website is just fucking amazing…. Once you enter their domain, you’ll immediately notice this huge cover picture, actually like a set of pictures all pieced together. Pictures of these chubby girls doing their thing. A little blow job over there, some doggy style fuck over here, and some fucking awesome missionaries too. The color theme of this site is green, black and yellow. Good choice of colors if you ask me. The navigation is also very easy. Even though I haven’t really surfed that much, I can pretty much see the simplicity of the options and categories. Another great thing about this site is, what most porn sites lack actually, a 24/7 customer service. I mean, who knows what might go wrong, stuff like billing errors, or maintenance, could just take place. So a 24/7, surveillance cam is a very good idea. To top it off, there are two other extra sites you’ll have free access to my friend. No extra pay, and no hidden charges. Just seeing this freebie has already got me going for my credit card. But if ever you’re really that hesitant, not to worry. This website has this great tour system for new comers. You can check out a whole array of sample videos and free photos, that way, you can get a clear picture of what you’re getting yourself into. Also, at the very end of the tour, you’ll be finally asked if you’d want to become a member. So, I’d suggest you finish the tour first.

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Flicks & Chicks

They’ve got all sorts of big, busy, and chubby women here in their crib! These girls go in many colors! You’ll see some ebonies, redheads, brunets, blondes, Asians, and even some Russians if you’re lucky! But no matter what or where they come from, there’s one thing they have in common. Their thirst for some hardcore humping! Oh yes, they want it long hard and full of speed. You’ll also see them getting fucked in all kinds of workplaces, like bars, offices, compounds, car sales, and even in a maid setting. These girls would take up just about any challenge thrown their way. Those boobs too, by the way, may just be the biggest boobs you’ll ever see in all porn industry. Just seeing them bounce with the rhythm of the fucking is just fucking awesome. Now, if you’re looking to download these videos, do not worry. This site offers free download with no limits for their members, it also comes in four different formats. Here they are: Windows (1920×1080; 6000k), MP4 (770×433; N/A; streaming), MPEG (768×432; 3000k), and also MP4 (480×270; 1500k). These videos last for about 20 minutes, and are fully exclusive for members only. If you want to see some previews of these videos, you can just check out the site itself, the site has some awesome stuff. The videos by the way are very diverse and has different types of themes and background stories too, so you’ll be getting pumped and warmed up before the hardcore fucking starts. The stars are also very tough so you’ll be seeing a little bit of torment too. These previews are all up for grabs during the tour!

In Few Words

These awesome site has really done it. They have thought about an idea that showcases the big and busty, and now it’s really starting to bloom. The video qualities don’t disappoint as well. The formats are all HD and all are up for downloads. Just seeing the titles in the previews could already get a lot of guys hankering for more. Let’s also not forget the 24/7 Customer Service. Did you know it’s really hard to find a porn site that has this feature? Yes, I’ve tried. This is like a, one in a thousand find. Now for the verdict, seeing the website’s design and features, with high-quality content as well, this site comes home with a 100/100 from me. It has really done well in developing the site to suit its member’s needs. Now if you’re all heated up see some Busty Work fucking, go right ahead my friend.

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