One of the things that we really liked here is that none of the porn “stars” were porn stars. Such reality makes a huge difference when you are watching the videos and even when you merely view pictures. Before we start to watch the videos, it is important to acknowledge that this site has been working feverishly toward preventing nonadults from entering this realm of adult porn. To be honest we truly applaud their untiring efforts.

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Each of the videos seems to follow a certain path though so that it comes to pass in the same way. What we mean by that is that the videos begin by playing games, perhaps cards, or just relaxing among various girls, and bit by bit somehow the couples seem to a couple, and the next thing you know they are having sex of some sort. Granted we say of some sort because the different ways that they do this are certain dissimilar. For instance, there are tons and tons of blowjobs, and some of these are nice and we mean nice and deep too. You do have a bevy of hot sluts there at Dare Dorm wanting to get fucked too, and thus do they ever fuck! You will love that every position known in the book of sex is being followed there, and at times it looks as if they are trying to invent new positions too.

What we liked the most about the fucking is, of course, all that delightfully firm hard set nubile flesh. The content here is actually interesting and goes beyond the sex and the nubile flesh. Some of what they do is funny enough to have made it to TV under some of the “Funniest” TV shows, but seeing it here mixed in with hardcore sex is a real riot.

Flicks & Chicks

Often as a prerequisite to good banging sex, we also find that these girls love to dance, and frequently the dance leads them onto the floor, the dance floor that is, to do something other than dance. It’s strange when one thinks how in the “old days” chaperones used to make sure there were at least 2 inches between dance partners to keep the dancing chaste, and now we have this! With all the shenanigans that are going on including nude streaking, it is no wonder that group sex just has to happen. What can we say other than these fresh chicks put the Romans to shame with how they party?

Let’s face it there is nothing like a hardcore fuck party when all bets are off, the booze is kept coming, and the partygoers are flying high on each other. Many have commented that the sheer energy shown by those in these videos is absolutely amazing and we must agree. You will feel that energy as you watch various videos emanating from this particular site. Does She or Doesn’t She That question seems to be often asked on TV granted, but here the question always seems to be “are those fresh faces for real or not?” We maintain that they sure appear to be real, and further we say that the videography is too poor for it to have been made by a studio.

The actors thus are definitely amateurs and now you will have to agree with us that the videographers are amateurs as well. The various actors are filled with exhibitionism, and then too there’s tons of peer pressure in the group sex scenes that was a ball to watch. Thus now that you know how this site came to be, you will not be surprised to hear that this particular site has won quite an award. They have become the AVN (Adult Video News) award winner for being the best amateur site out of all the porn sites around. We send our congratulations of course.

In Few Words

The cost for this site is really insignificant. We’ll begin by the ridiculous and move onto those figures that you are probably more interested in. When we mentioned ridiculously we were aiming at the two-day figure of $1.00. Most people bypass that two-day thing, and instead go for the 1-month subscription, as that one will run you $29.99. Should you wish to save even more money may we suggest that you consider the three-month subscription? That will cost you only $19.99/month and we can see why you’d want that for sure.

Well, then suppose you really want to save tons of money, and you think that whittling down your cost to $9.99/month is pretty good, then what you really want is to get a 12-month subscription. Quite a few people can really see the bargain that this kind of savings does.

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