The Russians have shared with us not only their vast and long history but, for a good thing, they’ve also shared with us their smooth-skinned and long-legged girls. Imagine these girls filling your screen with plaid skirts and white uniforms worn at first and then later on, taken off, to become the wild person in bed doing their studies who are more than eager to share what they know in the curriculum of sex. If

General Knowledge will include sex learning, everyone will be happy. No one will not want to enroll and study a lot more of what many people realize is a very important human experience. With FuckStudies, get ready for a lot more. 

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On the top menu is where a box contains the archive links to make it easier to do the selection of the library. There are indications of where the highest rated sets are, the Favorites plus the TeenMegaWorld bonus material links. Apart from getting a fair value for money with the main FuckStudies sites, the more than 30 other sites on top is an appreciated value add catering to your other niche and fetishes.

Searching options can be done through the index listing all models, by keywords and tags used or through an advanced search function. Popularity is also key as scenes get comments and a Favorite is bookmarked by members for your reference. You can navigate as a network or in particular with quick links found in the pages on site making it easy to open the most popular scenes in the network. In doing this you are not limited to just one flavor of what you can enjoy in the entire library of various fetishes and niches that the network has to offer.

Every man is raring in ramming the throats and pussies of the girls as part of getting good grades and graduating with flying colors. The tight pussies and pink ass holes are eager to prove that they already know much of what earthly pleasure is all about. All the studious figures work hard, figuratively and literally, in FuckStudies. If their neighbors need help, they not only open up their minds to the world but will open up their pussies and cherry holes too for the entire world to see.

There are two formats in downloading the content, be it in WMV or MP4 choices. The Flash player is embedded so you can opt to stream instead if that is what’s convenient for you as of the moment. There are three resolutions to choose from right before you download in a zip file. Download speed runs at 100 kbps making it faster than you can run up and down your shaft in delight.

Flicks & Chicks

HD quality is very much all over especially with the most recent ones in Full HD playback. Earlier made ones are still in a good state even though they are viewed in a lesser rate than the newer ones. Speaking of the visuals, galleries have links for more videos and the picture sets. This will make your viewing near non-stop as you browse from the videos to the pictures and back again. A full size of 960 x 1440 opens the individual images when clicked and there is another version as well. The photos are clear to continue your itch for the time being.

Overall, the content is spot on and on niche as the quality is very much evident with upload dates made known and the schedule for future releases are also in frequent appearance. Mostly standard scenarios are found on site but what’s making a great difference are the Russian tits and clits who are making their performances worthy of a jerk off each and every time. Their demeanor and beauty plus the good filming quality have given all FuckStudies material worthy of many viewing hours. Even the missing subtitles from some of the titles won’t stop you on track in getting to know more of the horny and greedy beginners who are starting to know more about their bodies as they are given the lead to their awakening.

Besides with too much action going on who needs to listen in to what they are talking about now that the body is doing a much better story for you. Good looking men start the oral lessons so that the once tight-lipped girls become ready for what the sexual world has to offer. The study sessions turn hot and sweaty as the partners take turns in exploring each other’s wet holes and satisfying the many parts of the human anatomy as a flesh of delight. Pussies are banged while the unlearned are taught on how to give a good fellatio. When things come to a head, messy and massive cumshots and gloriously dripping creampie finish cap the sexciting activities unfound in other regular situations around.

In Few Words

The great realization that one will have with FuckStudies is that getting that degree may not be as hard as it was supposed to be especially if someone is on top guiding you in your education all the time. Now, what it all takes is the interest in a woman who won’t mind gagging in your massive hard-on. Give in to her desire to be filled with your man meat so she would be filling your score card with high points and a letter of recommendation for efforts. If you are doing all these to earn extra mileage, you will never be disappointed. FuckStudies promises that an extracurricular project is all it takes to take you from zero to hero in no time.

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