Hustler is one of the oldest trademarks in the history of the porn industry. It’s sure, that all men heard about it, or held a Hustler magazine in his hands. The Hustler word equals with quality, and when you land on the site of this enormous company, you have reached fulfilled your mission to find hardcore, high quality porn online. Hustler started out as a pornographic magazine in the 70’s. The magazine had more explicit content than the competitors as it featured not just nude models, but also closer shots of the genitals, the usage of sex toys and group sex. The site itself was launched in 1995, and it has grown into a large network since then. As you may expect form a large company, everything you find on the site is exclusive, and mostly performed by professionals, but there are also amateurs appearing too. There are no ads around, only the Hustlers own promotions, but they are not crawling into your face like on other not too professional sites. The best thing you get from becoming a member of Hustler is that you receive full access to all sites, which means 20 sites to browse, without running into any repetitive content. All sites has its own theme and niche, the rest of it just hardcore porn.


Hustler has a professional and complex site, but you don’t need to worry, it’s not overcomplicated. In fact, it’s easy to use and the navigation is simple. Even if you are not a member yet, you will have many options for browsing the site. The layout of the site is easy to follow. There is a menu, where you can reach the videos, photos, models, magazines and the list of sites. Lower on the page you can see the slideshow of the newest updates and some the features of the site membership. As your scroll down, you will see the list of the Newest Updates, What’s Hot, Upcoming Scenes and also the Latest DVDS, Girls and Photos. Each list consists of thumbnails, clicking on it will take you the connected content If you are just taking the tour, you can have a full view of what to expect as a member. You can view the list of the videos, photos, models and the magazines. On the list of the videos you can use advanced filtering options, so if you have an actual interest, you can search for it. The photos can be also viewed, but you won’t get access to the whole set, however Hustler gives the visitors some insight of the action, not just pictures of the model still in her clothes. The models all have a profile page, where you can find some background info about her and all her scenes, DVDs and photos. As for the videos you will be satisfied. The new flicks are all shot in HD. You can access and view the scenes in your browser, or save them in MP4, WMV, M4V and MPEG formats. The pictures are also available for viewing and saving in zip format. All sites are optimized for mobile, for IPad, IPhone and Android devices. 

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Flicks & Chicks

The girls in the scenes are all porn stars, except for the amateurs featured on the BeaverHunt. There are a large variety among the models in ethnicity, size, body parts and age, it’s ensured that you will find or ideal woman in there too. There are over 9000 videos throughout the Hustler sites, so you will spend a lot of time with browsing and watching, but if you have a niche you like, you can easily select it from the mass with the advanced search options. The quality is increasing as Hustler adapts to the new developments in technology.

In Few Words

The membership on Hustler will let you access an outstanding collection of porn videos, from an old and professional company. As an extra, you get access to over 20 sites, with various niches and features, and you can also browse the DVDs and Magazines of the company, so if you don’t want to watch films, you can enjoy some reading too, illustrated with illustrious women. There isn’t much to say, if you like porn, you must take a look on the site, and take into consideration the thought of membership.

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