All porn sites are made to give you a good jerk-off experience. Most of us are not critiques of porn videos to understand the intricacies of porn performances. As an average porn viewer, most of us are concerned with the act, where a slut seductively strips, and then gets to the guy’s cock. She unzips his trousers and takes the throbbing organ in her hands, stroking it and taking it into her mouth. Isn’t this our primal fantasy? That’s when you take out your dick and stroke it, matching the actions you see on your computer screen. Then you cum, either before the slut climaxes or after you have enjoyed the video thoroughly.

But one thing is for sure. You watch porn for the slut. You love to see that hard dick enter her pussy, the way the guy plays with her breasts, the chick’s style of giving a blowjob, and how she enjoys getting the warm jizz all over her. All of us have a preference when it comes to porn stars. Some of us like amateurs, some like MILFs and still others like cougars. The amateur space is too vast, and can feature a variety of sluts, such as barely amateurs, nubile chicks, and the amateurs that we all know.

I personally like amateurs because they have an air of innocence about them. And if these amateurs happen to be of the intellectual type, I would just go gaga over them. Intellectual chicks attract me a lot, because they form a different breed altogether. Are you aware of any porn sites that specialize in nerdy chicks? I know of one, and it is InsaneCoeds. Are you already casting your doubts on whether InsaneCoeds will give you a great jerk-off experience? Set aside all your doubts and misconceptions, for here we present to you a review of InsaneCoeds. After reading this review, you will realize how grossly misconceived you were. To know more, get ahead to Design and Features.

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InsaneCoeds has a design that fits to the T perfectly. A sexy banner, loads of sexy and naked sluts, links to free downloadable videos, a beautiful logo that captures the essence of InsaneCoeds, and a truly amazing subscription rate, you will have no words to express your joy on visiting this site.

The banner is hot and sultry. The pink watermarked image sets the mood for your jerk-off experience. The logo features a slender, bespectacled chick with InsaneCoeds in written in orange and pink text against a blue outline. A bunch of books and a graduation hat complement the chick. This logo tells it all. The slut is an intellectual, a nerd who loves to be a bookworm. But don’t go by her looks, for looks can be deceiving.

If you need to know about a slut, then peek into the videos and descriptions about the slut that is provided in this site. This will appreciate the details provided. There is a list of the latest sluts on this site, with a brief description, a sexy photograph of the slut in a provocative pose, thumbnails of the slut, naked and playing with her pussy, asshole and nipples. There is also a free downloadable video of this chick that you can watch. You will love watching her solo performance, and listen to her moaning and screaming in pleasure.

There was one thing that I liked a lot, in addition to the logo, was the description of the slut. Against the background of the book, the description of why the slut is modeling for this site makes for interesting reading. This also indicates that the slut is a nerd or an intellectual, and has a side that you have never seen. All these minute aspects of the site add up to create a great effect, which will have a lasting impression in your mind. There is one aspect that I will touch upon later, and that is subscription.

Flicks & Chicks

Were you ever attracted to that spectacled, bookish slut who would sit in the corner of the hall during your formative years? You were, but somewhere, you hesitated, because you were unsure of her. Her sense of dressing, her style of talking and may be her nature to be aloof from others. You always wanted to be popular and hanged out with the outgoing and friendly ones. Today, it is the time for you to regret your actions, for InsaneCoeds will show you that nerdy sluts are better than the ones you hung-out with.

If you don’t believe us, then let us sort this out by describing a video and a slut for you. Hanna is the perfect chick you could think of in these circumstances. A brunette, she has a very cute face and a perfect body that she loves to hide behind those decent clothes. Her looks belie what she truly is. She was initially averse to attend parties and fraternities, for the fear of what happens there. Being an intellectual, she avoided going to frats and sororities and preferred to spend time with her best companions, her books. When she found out that the hottest hunks were part of frats, she tried out one, and has been partying with various frats on weekends. And guess what this cute-cat likes. Gang-bangs. Yes, she loves to be gangbanged by multiple guys at a time, and nothing gives her more pleasure than having her pussy and ass penetrated at the same time. DP slut, you know!

She has an amazing body. Boobs that are perfect to play with, neatly trimmed pussy that shows a sweet cleavage and an ass that is ready to be spanked, she loves to strip down and play with her black-and-white dildo as well as use her fingers to masturbate. If there is one true nerdy chick, it must be Hanna. I hope I have cleared your mind of all misplaced notions regarding intellectual chicks. If you are satisfied, check out the conclusion now.

In Few Words

You are ready to subscribe to this site now, for you have got an idea of what to expect from this site. Before we close, let us check out the subscription. Subscription is affordable, and there is a deal that will give you great discounts. You should opt for it. Subscription will also give you access to 29 other porn sites (and growing). You can download these HD quality videos and photos or watch them streaming. The site is responsive, meaning you can carry your porn with you on your mobiles or tablets also. So, hurry up and subscribe, before the deal closes.

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