How many times did you say to yourself “I wish I could take that girl home”? Jim not only does it but his wife is the one enticing him to and she films it! Once they get home the fantasies, Girl on Girl action and Threesomes start. Jim’s site is an exhibition of Britain’s most beautiful women that will leave the general consumer with the desire to have that life.

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A bit of trivia about the story behind the site welcomes you to Jim Slip’s site. The design is very simple and with a black and gray background is also easy to navigate. Its weekly updates are displayed on top of the page in order to help you keep up with it. The site is a single column and as you scroll down you will find features such as “woman of the week” and messages from Jim describing the newest uploads. After that come five photographs and a description of every video together with some technical information about it. You can only see five videos per page and if you want to know what more is out there you’ll have to go to the next pages with the navigation bar located at the bottom. This design gives a fair amount of space to every movie and the stills give you a very good idea of what to expect from the video.

The visual display is of the site is easy on the eyes and the pages are clean and not crowded putting its focus on the photographs of the movies and the girls. The navigation bar on top of the pages offers you two categories, All updates and All beauties. The first one is a display of the movies just like the ones featured on the main page, and the second one has thumbnails of every girl and takes you to the particular movies once you clicked them. Other links on the bar include a live cam and information about subscription and members login. I’ve also tried the site on my mobile phone and I was impressed by how fast and smooth the navigation was.

Flicks & Chicks

From the stills for the videos featured you can see that the strong point of these movies are it’s girls’ masturbation scenes, the good amount of Threesomes and the scenes that feature Jim. There’s also a variety of fantasies played out such as a sailor, the use of cuffs, some schoolgirls and many more for you to find. The quality of the work looks very professional while the girls give it an amateurish touch.

The downside is that if you are not a member there are no videos for you to see except three short ones in which Jim and Lara explain their work and talk about some of their anecdotes recruiting the girls. If you chose to be a member you have to do it with just seeing the stills. From the information displayed about the movies and the subscription package, I could see that the videos are available on low, high and full res and you can either watch them on the site or download them to your computer though there was no way to find out in which format you can get them. If you go for the subscription there are three plans available varying and there’s a discount if you chose some of them. If you chose to subscribe there’s a big plus and it is that it grants you access to Lara’s own site in which the couple goes out and looks for men. Another plus of subscribing is that you can access a gallery of photographs from every movie.

In Few Words

Everything on the site has a reality feel to it and Jim’s description of the videos and the girls give you a good idea of what to expect from the movies. The site looks very well done and it was fairly easy to find everything if offers since it’s really straight forward. My favorite thing was the mobile compatibility. It really does work wonderfully.

I don’t think it was a good idea to now show at least a little trailer for some movies and just have me decide about a subscription on 5 stills. However, the stills do look attractive and the awards Jim have displayed on top of the page makes me think that you won’t regret it if you do decide to pay.

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