Jug Fuckers is a site, which is part of the Brazzers network. They were launched back in 2004, which means that they have now gathered a bit over decade of experience in producing porn. The site’s title already gives away a lot of information about what the site is going to offer. Jug Fuckers is all about titjobs. Every single scene and photo on the site has been done so that they have special focus on titjobs. Anyone who loves to see them is pretty much guaranteed to love the site.


The site in itself has a lot of things prepared for you to be amazed about. The first one is the wide selection of scenes. Jug Fuckers has nearly 200 scenes that are all filled with the most exciting, intense scenes. All of them are following the theme of the site. These chicks really give their best to make all of the videos look as passion filled as possible. All of the videos are done with the most famous pornstars in the world. The ending result is phenomenal when you add the best professional filming crews in USA to do the filming. Jug Fuckers also has included a huge collection of photos in their website. These photos are spread into nearly 200 galleries. These photos are made with huge precision. The pics are shot in the middle of the videos and they really capture the action in a way that is hard to explain. The boobs that are bouncing under the man while they are having sex in the most exotic positions, with the lighting being perfect and the atmosphere behind the pictures being present… It really makes these pictures something that you don’t stumble upon very often. Now it is already very refreshing to see a site with lot to offer, but Jug Fuckers really goes deeper than many other sites. Every single gallery and porn clip is downloadable. You just simply go to the Jug Fuckers website and you will get the option to instantly download the content. There is also no limit to how much you can download at once. Most sites are either not very comfortable with providing this kind of feature or can’t simply afford to let you do that kind of things. This is a feature that is rarely provided – use it for your advantage!

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Flicks & Chicks

Jug Fuckers is notoriously a site that has been provided to you by Brazzers. Now, Brazzers is a site that has gathered a lot of fame in the time of its existence. It has gathered a lot of fans and a huge amount of competitors. Other porn sites hate how it is gathering such a huge amount of members and the members then again love the site. Brazzers has pretty much become a synonym for quality for many people that browse through paid porn site. That describes very accurately what kind of a brand Brazzers has been able to build around them. Some basic information from Brazzers website for you to know: Brazzers has currently over 6000 porn movies, which equal to thousands of hours worth of porn, and over 6000 galleries inside the network. Why is this important for you to know? Because, when you sign up for a membership with Jug Fuckers, Brazzers automatically includes you to be a member of its network. In other words – you gain access to everything inside the Brazzers sites. This means that you get 30 other site memberships included into your Jug Fuckers membership. If this idea doesn’t already intrigue you a bit, nothing will.

In Few Words

Jug Fuckers is a great site for anyone who loves titjobs. It is a rather specific niche to like, but it is something many people have really big interest in. The site overall looks really well made and has a lot of content to go through. The women in the videos look just astonishing and the action is really spot on. The years of experience can really be seen from the site and the professional clean look makes it comfortable to use. Jug Fuckers is a site that has a lot of positive things to say about. Anyone who shows interest in titjobs should check the site out and at least do some thinking on what the site could offer to them. This website doesn’t exist anymore, take a look at Brazzers.

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