With porn on the rise, as a viewer, you can notice that there are more and more sites out there, on the Internet. So many more, that you will unlikely be able to see them all, but, you shouldn’t, either, as there are some of them that are definitely not worth your time. But this one is, Manuel Ferrara, as it features the eponymous pornstar and a lot of hardcore content, so much that you will be blown away, straight from the start.

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There is many a reason that makes this site stand out, and among the most noticeable of them, is the design. That you see upon getting to the home page, and that is what is there to keep you happy for most of the time you spend on the site, even though the content is the core. The very shades of the background and the menus inspire passion, the colors red and white, and the previews on the homepage inspire much more than passion. The obvious things, like that gigantic sliding image at the top of the home page, stand to prove that you can see a lot of the content without even joining. The high resolution makes you wonder what else you can see in the videos.

Well, below you can find many other previews, photos, mostly, but all of them are clickable, yet you will have to join to see the best of the content. Have no fear, though, as the price is a cheap one, and there are a lot of perks that make the site just better than the others. The sorted content, the search bar, are just a few things that you can notice, that make your life on the site easier. The lack of lag also helps, even on the mobile version of the site.

Flicks & Chicks

Though, the content is indeed the core, the design being that filling, which makes you salivate, this time, though, with lust, rather than the desire for food. Manuel is a hardcore man, and he loves taking his women in the most hardcore ways, but quite unlike the hardcore sex that you expect to see. No, he has a kind of passion that is unlikely to be found in other actors, or actresses, even. The girls love him, whether they are mature or fresh, their lust for sex can easily be seen, as they will gobble up every last drop of Manuel’s cum. Though, he is a good person, so sometimes he will be absent from the videos, leaving place to his buddies, who make good work of the asses and the pussies of the girls. That is why I think is important that the videos and the photos are in such a high resolution.

Regular updates are there to serve you fresh content weekly. But, as a site like this has perks, you should know what they are. In this case, the perks are more than 7 other sites that you can explore, at the price of this one. The sites boast with different content, all of it exclusive, though.

In Few Words

The gift that keeps on giving is this site, the site named after the famous pornstar, Manuel Ferrara. Some of the best hardcore videos are to be found within the pages of the site. With so much to see on just one site, one could think it futile to try and explore all the others, more than 7 of them, but, you are always more than welcome to try.

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