Before you can open up even the come hither page of this site, you must read a lot of information concerning keep people who are not adults away from adult sites. Apparently this company takes that kind of thing very seriously indeed, as they say that they are the founding members of a really great movement to get adult content sites actually to go through the trouble to label themselves so that the public knows that this is an adult site. This movement is called the They go on to tell us that they have worked in conjunction with a commercial content filtering company, as well as the most important browsers to produce an efficient and highly reliable way to actually be able to keep non adults off any adult oriented sites.
They are proud to tell you that they, as a domain, have actually labeled their site with various labeling services such as,, and the


It is always interesting to try to guess what a particular site is going to be about. With this one we were slightly bemused as to the subject matter. We began by assuming that perhaps it was a site where ladies were persuaded to do naughty things with guys after they were plied with a few pieces of gold. Today we even have television shows who do the same thing, but they utilize “gifts” instead of cash usually, and let’s face it, the tasks that the people are asked to perform on TV are certainly not as naughty as what you are going to see here!

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In a word, a lot! For instance we heard that one of the scenes you will see had to do with a girl wearing anal beads that are arranged to stick out a hole specifically cut into her jeans and then parade around with them sticking out for everyone to see. As if that were not enough they then asked various people pull them out for her. Most people refused even when presented with cash, but they finally found someone brave enough to do it, and of course the entire thing was filmed so that you could see the video of this droll situation happening. So, yeah money talks but occasionally it does not talk loud enough. Then we heard of yet another thing they pulled on the public. Seems that they went to the beach and got a bikini clad girl to walk about with roast beef dangling out of her bottom. Now money did talk loud enough this time, for they actually found a pair of girls who would bend down and actually eat the roast beef! Now it’s not often that you go for a porn site with the intent of laughing, but this site is actually going to cause you to do that. After all some of the crazy antics that they make people do is just going to tickle your funny bone, even if you are looking for other things to happen to your bone besides being tickled. They do actually get around to having some really dirty and naughty sex after all is done though. Thus you will see loads of straight on fucking, some wonderful blow jobs, and some really interesting lesbian sex here too. Then too there are some videos that actually cover girls putting out hand jobs. It must be at least 10 years since I have witnessed good hand jobs being done in a porno situation. It is usually just considered too clean for a porn site to waste time with that, so it is really a great treat to be able to witness hand jobs once more. Some of the other sexual stuff is pretty tame, but again it is the situation itself that is of interest. For example talking a really buxom girl to go topless on the beach is certainly not earth shattering, but it certainly made for some interesting watching. Even those who just saw her do it were really cool to watch. You’ll see what we mean if and when you join.

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We are really used to hearing this show is brought to you by such and such, but here in siteland, various sites are also being brought to you by so and so. In this case it is certainly fitting that this reality site is being brought to you by Reality Kings Network. Reality Kings has certainly cornered the market on producing reality videos, and thus they really know what they are doing. Now Reality Kings is also the network that hosts a load of many other great sites, and you can expect to be allowed to visit all 11 of their other sites gratis, totally free, after you join this one. As said they have some really wild reality sites, so you can visit such sites as First Time Auditions, CFNM Secret, Hot Bush, Euro Sex Parties, as well as Mike In Brazil which is also one of those sites that does an awful lot of checking out ladies on the streets.

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