This lighthearted but incredibly sexy site does have a rather serious side and it is one that we must confess we thoroughly respect and agree with. It is truly about time that the porn industry stands against non-­adults entering into adult venues, and Crazy Asian Gfs has certainly made their feelings very evident. Thus, prior to opening this site, we had to proclaim that we were indeed adults. Now, you may or may not have noticed but everywhere on this page, there is information concerning non-adults going through the adult material. There is all manner of acronyms everywhere.

You will see ASACP, RTA and perhaps WRAAC as well. What has happened is that the various sites have banded together to form a Website Rating and Advisory Council (WRAAC) in order to help create a parental control bar that parents can affix to their own computers that would bar non-adults from entering an adult site such as this one! You will see all those acronyms popping up more and more often as the adult industry learns the wisdom of using them and keeping non-adults off their sites.

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The complete premise of this site is that by some means all of these videos leaked onto the Internet. How they leaked, we do not know, but assumedly these videos were all self-­filmed in Hi-Def by Asian girlfriends for their boyfriends, and now have somehow been leaked. Granted this is only a premise, after all how many of your girlfriends tape themselves getting fucked and stuff like that and then take pictures of it as well? OK, so now we have established the premise and given you a description of what you will find inside, but we certainly did not go to the nitty-gritty, did we? Nope, there is so much more to see here than just fucking.

On the one hand, we have a huge amount of fabulous looking Asian girls. Unlike what you may believe, Asian girls most certainly do have big boobs, as well as medium ones and lesser ones. So, now you know that they actually come in all manner of sizes! So at the moment, you know that this site is filled with fun-loving Asian hotties! They absolutely love sex of all kinds, done in any manner as you will undoubtedly see for yourself. Try as they might that we are supposed to believe that these are amateur girlfriends, we just won’t go there. The girls are simply too good, as well as too good looking and you certainly won’t complain about the quality of the Hi-Def videos either.

Flicks & Chicks

Apparently, all of these Asian hotties are very good at giving head. They are filmed over and over again giving some really cool head, and then when the man’s cock is large, they will even deep throat. Now, if you love Asian girls, seeing this will drive you out of your mind, as viewing Asians performing this way is not a very common sight. So, besides giving head and deep throat, you will find that the Asian girls are even performing various girl on girl stuff. We love seeing them kissing each other and then going down on each other as well.

To tell the truth, seeing this almost felt downright obscene as we don’t get to see that very regularly either. OK, so that’s hot stuff, but is there more. Damn yeah! Loads more stuff. You will even see Asian girls getting their Hershey highway reamed out by decent sized cocks. We are sure you are tired of hearing this, but that’s not often seen involving Asian ladies either! You won’t believe it, but there is lots more as well. For instance, you will see facials, squirting, threesomes, shaved pussies, hairy pussies, twerking, hardcore DP, and even sex parties with loads of Asian hotties partying. These girls really know how to enjoy sex in every manner possible and then some!

In Few Words

Well, first of all, you should know who provides you with this great site, and it is none other than Snap Leaks which is a network that generally will bring you amateur sites. One of the important things we have to tell you is that they will allow you to enter their sites free just for joining up with Crazy Asian Gfs. Some of their other sites are Dare Dorm, Horny Birds, Black Gfs, GF Revenge, and CrazyCollegeGfs. As you can see they really like the girlfriend theme. What is really nice too is that the quality is as high on all those sites as it is here in the Crazy Asian GFs site! Perhaps what you would like to hear best is that the girls they choose to present on each of their sites are all great lookers. No matter which site you choose to watch, you will always be impressed by the lovelies.

Thus, we are sure that you are now ready to find out how much all of this is going to cost you, and truly you will be surprised to find out that it is a really low cost to get all of this great porn. For instance, with Snap Leaks you will only need to pay a single dollar bill for a great two day look to see if you love this site. Then if you do, you can go monthly for $24.95, or every three months for $16.65/month. Want huge savings? Then go for the six months, as this will only cost you $9.95/month.

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